New UI

TeamWork 5 provides and new look and new optimizations for the TeamWork user interface.  Using Html5, responsive design techniques, and touch-friendly controls, the application now works equally well in smartphones, tablets, and desktops.  The new site provides all the functionality of the current employee portal (not a sub-set like the old mobile site).  It also provides multi-language (currently Spanish & French languages are supported) and localization capabilities. 

Beta Site

We're launching the Employee Portal Beta for TeamWork 5 along with release 2015.2.  The old mobile site will provide links to the new Beta site.  In addition, going to the main site with a mobile device will expose a link to the new Beta site.  Those who begin using the Beta site can provide valuable feedback for us to improve the interface even more during this transition.  

Transition to TeamWork 5

In 2017, we'll launch a Manager Portal Beta for TeamWork 5 that will provide a single sign-in to the Location and Enterprise capabilities.  Next, we'll remove the old Mobile site and link straight to the TeamWork 5 site.  We'll continue to provide the old portal until usage of the new portal has exceeded the old.  At some point, new features will only be released to TeamWork 5, and eventually the old portal will be removed.

Getting Started

  • To access TeamWork5:
  • Note: Your browser must support JavaScript and LocalStorage.  
    • For IE, use version 9 or better.  
    • For iOS devices, don't use "Private Browsing".