General Info

  • Custom Fields - allow for extra data to be tracked in the 5 sections below: 

  • Custom fields: 
    - Must be initially created in the Enterprise 
    Are available to use for filtering and reporting the data entered 
    There is a maximum of 6 custom fields per section 
    There are 2 options for custom field boxes: 
    1) Creating a set drop down list of choices to be selected 
    2) Creating a text entry box 

  • The custom fields are displayed in the Enterprise Portal in the Sections below. This is also where the data entry occurs.
    Enterprise – Admin Section: Enterprise folder/Information tab
    Location – Location Section: Edit page Information section
    User – User Section: Edit page: User Information section
    Station-Station Section: Edit page
    Employee – Employee Section: Edit page: Personal Tab

  • Where do you create the custom fields? 
    - Open the Admin section – in the Enterprise Portal

    - Open the Custom Fields folder in the left menu a
    Click on the Section name you want to use (Ex-Employee)

    Name Custom Field 1

    Decide on what type of entry field box you want:
    1) Use a text box open field if you want to enter different data for individuals – leave the Values box empty. Click SAVE.
    2) Use a drop-down list of values to set values to be chosen – enter your list items 1 per line in the Values box. Click Save.

    To enter the data, go to the section where the field box occurs. (See Employee Section: Edit page: Personal Tab.)

Location Level use of Custom Fields

Which custom fields can be seen in the Location Portal?

  • Location – Admin Section-Information Page
    User must have role assigned that includes privileges to the Admin section. The custom field can be viewed and edited.

  • Station- Station Section-Edit Page
    User must have role assigned that includes privilege to view the Station section. The custom field cannot be edited at location.

  • Employee – Employee Section-Edit Page/Personal Tab
    User must have role assigned that includes privilege to ‘edit personal info’ for the Employees section. The custom field cannot be edited at the location.


Reports Section


The data from custom fields can be shown in the Reports Section at both the Enterprise and the Location level.

You can design a report to show the custom field information – the ‘column’ choice is called user defined field.

  • DataSource: Employees
    Choose UserDefined (1-6)

  • DataSource: Stations
    Choose UserDefined (1-6)

  • DataSource: ScheduleShifts – To report on custom fields choose these columns below:
    LocationUserDefined (1-6)
    StationUserDefined (1-6)
    Employee is UserDefined (1-6)