We've enabled access to the TeamWork 5 manager portal for beta testing.  We're ready for feedback about usability, load times, errors, etc.  Please access the portal and explore the layout and navigation.  Then perform some of the most common tasks you do in TeamWork.  We'll appreciate any and all feedback about the system.  We will work on issues and suggestions as they arise.  Although you'll find some pages and sections that are not yet built, most of the high-volume setup, scheduling, and reporting pages are available.

You can access the TeamWork 5 portals here:  https://www.schedulesource.net/Enterprise/TeamWork5/

(Be sure and look at the "About" page after sign-in for some quick navigation hints.)

Some things to check out:

- Responsive design - works well with touch-screen tablets and mobile devices.

- Managers can log on with either an Enterprise or Location code.

- Managers can switch between the Enterprise and Location portal from the menu.

- New Schedule views and editing options.  

- Grids - fast sorting, grouping, filtering (done client-side).

- Better page refreshes and scrolling placement when editing shifts.

- Three-way split shift in one form.

- Combined Edit & Assign pop-up.

The next major section we will roll out is Time & Attendance (expected by end of summer).

Thank you for checking out the new UI and for any and all feedback!