With the development of the Time Section, this release provides most of the major functionality in the Manager Portal.  This includes setup of the organization, locations, stations, employees, templates, schedules, time and reports.   We encourage managers to open the new version and explore the system.

New to the beta?

Navigation is similar but different.  Sections are the same.  There's a main-menu drop-down and each section loads its own toolbar.  Section start pages provide either a grid of data or a dashboard of information.  When drilling down to items (Employees, Stations, etc.) pages will have a "menu button" to show the left list.

The beta sections available still have some functions that are not available yet.  Please use the new portal for some common tasks and provide feedback (Suggestions link is in the Help menu).

Release 2017.1 - TeamWork 5 New Features

Manager Portal(s)

  • Portal switching: managers can change between enterprise and location portals without signing in.
  • Redesigned Enterprise & Location home pages.  


First cut at full functionality.  Actuals, Timesheets, Pay Periods, etc. are all accessible via the new UI.


  • Employees/Days View.  Lists all active employees with a column for each day in the schedule.  Supports weekly & monthly schedules well.  Shifts and leave are listed.
  • Shift/Details view.  Has a select list of shifts on the left with the shift editors on the right.   Honors the client-side grid filters from "List" view.
  • Filter by Skills.  Filter shifts by employees skilled at a station.  Every employee with that station is listed as well as empty shifts at that station.
  • Edit Shift pop-up supports edit, assign, split, and history.  (not separate pop-ups)
  • Split shift supports splitting into three shifts.
  • Tools / Shifts I/O can import shifts directly into a schedule.
  • Client-side grid filtering.  Faster and will maintain place on page after updates.


  • Stations now have 10 user-defined fields.

Additional beta features:


Allows customers to add custom logic to events in the system using JavaScript snippets.  Scripts can also analyze report data with scripts to specify alerts.  (Contact support to discuss your needs.  We'll help create an deploy scripts.)

Employee Plans 

An alternative/replacement for Availability, Rotations, and Templates.  Allows each employee to have repeating, non-weekly, patterns of information.  The information might be availability or shifts.  If shifts, these can be used to build schedules.

Organization Terminology

Setup a custom dictionary and override terms in the system.  Allows customers to use industry specific terms in the application.

New Teamwork 5 URL:  https://tmwork.net

This new URL hosts only the new version.  The shortened URL is easier to type in to mobile devices!

This site connects to the same data as the Version 3 and beta sites.

TeamWork 5 Remaining Sections

  • Bidding (Shift & Leave)
  • Recruiting
  • Forecasting
  • Global Schedules (shifts workable at any location)