Attention TeamWork Version 3 (V3) Users:  We are sunsetting V3 in 2021.  The Employee portal will be TW5-only on March 15th.  The Manager portal(s) will be TW5-only on October 5th.   


At ScheduleSource, Inc. we work hard behind the scenes to build, maintain, and support TeamWork, our workforce management software that allows you to schedule, manage leave, and track time for your employees. We strive to provide exemplary support to all our clients and will continue to as we work to meet the unique scheduling challenges of 2021.


What is ahead? To continue providing the best scheduling software and support, ScheduleSource, Inc. will move all V3 clients to our latest version of TeamWork during 2021. The benefits of transitioning to the latest TeamWork software include:

  • Improved security
  • Superior product


For Employees: More than 90% of employees accessing TeamWork are already using our latest version. For the remaining 10%, we have a series of YouTube video tutorials that will support their learning curve and transition. That said, it is easy to navigate and your employees will be happy with the product. Though we encourage them to starting using it sooner, all employees will be directed to the latest software beginning March 15th.


For Managers: We understand that you use TeamWork in myriad ways and that a smooth transition requires support, which we will provide on request. As TeamWork Version 3 is based in older technology that cannot be updated, over time, vulnerabilities increase. To protect our clients, it is imperative that we, and you progress. The latest version of our software is:

  • More Secure (scanned and updated frequently) and faster (modern UI practices)
  • A responsive design, which means you can use it on any device/screen (phone to desktop)
  • Configurable for language and cultural preferences 
  • Supported by a series of YouTube video tutorials for managers 
  • Available as a mobile application for employees


We are also available via the helpdesk (creating a ticket in the software) and through email at If you are interested, and when you are ready - we can schedule a zoom call to show you/your management team how to navigate the latest version of TeamWork and address any concerns you may have.  All Managers/Schedulers will be directed to the latest version of TeamWork on October 5th, 2021. We encourage you however to utilize this improved product now. There is no cost to your organization to transition to the latest version of our software. 


TeamWork Version 2 (V2) users are invited to adopt our latest version of TeamWork software. Please reach out if you would like to learn more. At this time, and due to the data migration involved, we have not set a date for sunsetting V2.