Printing Your Weekly Schedule

The best way to print your weekly schedule is by using the Reports section.

  • The custom design report feature allows you to create the schedule report with the column information you want.
  • The styles feature allows you to control the format of the report by font size, colors, etc. Use fewer pages.
  • The design window settings in the Enterprise portal allow you to share it with locations.
Build Report in the Enterprise Portal or Location Portal 
  • Design the report in the Enterprise portal and share it with all locations. This allows you to design the report one time for use in all your locations.
    ---In the Enterprise portal, on the Design window settings, select the check box for Shared with Locations.
    ---Location portal users cannot edit the design, but they can copy the report for a new report in their location and then modify it.

  • Design the report in the Location portal for each individual location. This allows each location to edit the report and add additional column information they choose immediately without having to create a copy.

Or Use the Fixed Weekly Report
  1. Go to Reports 
  2. Under Fixed reports, choose Schedule Weekly
  3. Choose Print and follow the prompts in your browser.
  4. Your report will look like this: