This release includes the following enhancements.  There is no setup required prior to the release.

Reports - Package Attachements

For packages that have scheduled deliveries via email, you can now select to send the report as an attachment, rather than embedded html.

Reports - Landscape Setting in Styles

Styles have a new option - Landscape. This setting only affects PDF generation and printing (on some browsers).

Employee Portal - View Pay Rate

A new setting available in the TeamWork 5 beta for employees to view their pay rate by location. Please contact Support to have this option enabled. The setting will become available for change when the TW5 Manager portal is released.

Credentials - Mass Add by Employee

A new form to add many credentials at once time to an employee.


Survey Question Pattern Validation

A new option to enforce a "pattern" on text and numeric entries in surveys. This option relies on an Html5 compliant browser to enforce.


Schedule Filter Clear Link

A new link on the Schedule Toolbar to clear the current filter.


Added a column to the Applications page that shows when the application was originally created.  

Scripting (Beta)

A new feature that allows small, custom scripts to be written and executed in certain areas. This will include within Reports and Leave Requests.

We'll beta test with a few customers over the coming months and release generally after that. See the HelpDesk for more information.

Time - Payroll Adjustments (Beta)

A new feature that allows users to make adjustment to prior pay periods and then select which pay period to export the change.