Printing Your Weekly Schedule

The best way to print your weekly schedule is by using the Reports section.

  • The custom design report feature allows you to create the schedule report with the column information you want.
  • The styles feature allows you to control the format of the report by font size, colors, etc. Use fewer pages.
  • The design window settings in the Enterprise portal allow you to share it with locations.
Build Report in the Enterprise Portal or Location Portal

  • Design the report in the Enterprise portal and share it with all locations. This allows you to design the report one time for use in all your locations.
    ---In the Enterprise portal, on the Design window settings, select the check box for Shared with Locations.

    ---Location portal users cannot edit the design, but they can copy the report for a new report in their location and then modify it.

  • Design the report in the Location portal for each individual location. This allows each location to edit the report and add additional column information they choose immediately without having to create a copy.
To design the Weekly Schedule in the Report Section:
  1. Go to Reports > Design and select Add.
  2. Type the Name of the report,
  3. Select the Source: Schedule Shifts
  4. Select the Type: List.
  5. Select Save.
    Report displays and is highlighted in left menu under the Schedule Shifts folder.
    Columns and Group / Sort display in Settings window.
  6. Under Columns, choose the columns listed and format the fields as shown below.

    Note: Hours are summed, and the report is groups by Day of the week. You can choose any group you want. Add any additional fields that you want. See Report Field Definitions.

  7. Use the View button to see what the report looks like and then use the Edit button to return to the Design window. The following is an example of how the report looks.

See Also:
  • Go to Creating Report Styles for information on changing the style for print and view size.
  • Go to Viewing a Report to view the report in the style chosen, as well as the time frame desired.