Enterprise (Tab 1) - The Enterprise page allows you to set organization-wide features in TeamWork.

Note: These controls are set in the Enterprise Portal and dictate main functionality for the Enterprise and ALL Location operations.

  •  First Day of Week - Pertains to Add Schedules for the start day of the schedules.
    - The first day of the schedule for the locations.
    - This is enforced if the location is not given the right to change this in the Location Days/Hours settings. 
  • Leave Management - Pertains to how time off is entered.
    - Ad-Hoc - uses Leave section for Leave requests and the ability to grant, deny, or cancel leave.
    - Managed – uses Bidding section to set up and manage vacation bids.
  • Forecast Management - Pertains to types of forecast available. Used only if the Forecasts module is activate.

- Advanced - data feeds, time series, and headcount plans are available

- Simple - only the data feeds feature is available

  • Public Pages for Locations - Generates a URL link to view published schedules and a Link to iCal formatted data.
    - No – Locations do not get the ability to create a public page.
    - Yes- Locations see a new tab in the Admin section to create a URL link
  • Public Pages for Employees - Generates a URL link to view their own published schedules.
    Yes - Employees see a new tab in the Profile section to create a URL and a Link to iCal formatted data.
  • Employees Clockings Pertains to where Employees are allowed to Clock on. Used only if the Time  module is used.

- All Deployed - allows employees to clock on to all individual locations to which they are assigned.

- Only Default - allows employees to clock on to only their primary default location.

  • Employees Time ApprovalPertains to whether or not Employees are required to approve their timesheet, both time clock and time card entries.
    - No - Employee does not approve their time card.
    - Enabled - Requires employees to approve the time entries, both clocking and admin entries on their timecard.
  • Enforce Time Error Review Pertains to whether or not Time Errors must be reviewed and whether or not errors must be fixed. Used only if the Time module is used.
    - Yes - Requires location to review and fix all time entries with ERROR status (correct time entry or void) before the pay period can be approved.
    - No - No required review by location manager.
  • Automatic Time Sheet Creation - Pertains to the Pay Period.
    - Yes - Enables hourly auto run where timesheets are automatically updated per rules, including creating a timesheet for new employees. Recommend you leave this as yes, otherwise you must manually create new timesheets for each new employee you enter in the system.
    - No - Timesheets for new employees are not created automatically.
  • Kiosk Badge Field - Pertains to the Time Kiosk.
    - Choose the field that the Kiosk window reads to clock employees on and off. Available fields are ExternalID, UsernameID, BadgeID, BioID, and IVRPin.
  • Directed Swaps - Pertains to the swapboard functionality.
    - Enabled - Turns on directed swaps at all locations. Allows employees to direct a swap to one employee of their choice.
    - Off - Posted swap shifts are available to all employees and can’t be directed to one employee.
  • Show Open Shifts on SwapBoard - Pertains to posted shifts on the Swapboard.
    - All - All empty shifts in a published schedule are automatically posted on the swapboard.
    - Only swapped shifts - Only shifts posted by employees for swapping are posted on the swapboard.
  • Limit Availability - Pertains ONLY to Enterprise Scheduling. Enterprise Scheduling must be active.
    - Off - Employees are eligible to pick up Enterprise Swapboard shifts for any hours.
    - Enforce Business Hours - Employee ability to pick up shifts from the Enterprise Swapboard is limited to business hours entered in the Location Days/Hours Settings.
  • Enterprise Skills - Employee assignment to stations by location

- Off - The location can assign employees to any station they have. The Stations section includes the Tools menu so that skills can be updated in the Location portal using Mass Update Skills.

- Enabled - A location skill can only be assigned if the employee has been given a master skill at that station by the enterprise.

  • Enterprise Shift Note - Allows the organization to display or not display shift notes on the shifts in the Employee portal.

- Off - shift notes do not display in Employee portal

- Shift Note - (default) shift notes display in schedule and swapboard shifts in the Employee portal

- Task - notes display on tasks in the Employee portal

- Activity - notes display on activities in the Employee portal

  • Custom Time Format - Pertains to using a time format.
    - Text Box - Enter time format. If left blank, time displays in U.S. format: h:mm am or pm

Remember to select SAVE when you change the settings. 

Video: How to View and Edit Organization Enterprise Configuration Settings

Enterprise Configuration Menu

Policy Page (Tab 2) - Set features related to the management of time, overtime, breaks, shift differentials, holiday pay, attendance, and the deployment of projects, tasks, and activities.

  • Policies - Allows you to set up policies with management components. 

- On - Policy management is enabled.

- Off - Policy management is not enabled.

  • Overtime - Allows you to set up and enforce overtime rules for groups of employees.

- On - Setting overtime rules is enabled.

- Off - Setting overtime rules is not enabled.

  • Generate Rest BreaksAllows you to set up and enforce rest breaks according to government regulations of labor agreements.

- On - Setting rest breaks is enabled.

- Off - Setting rest breaks is not enabled.

  • Shift Differentials - Allows you to set up and enforce shift differential payment.

- On - Setting shift differential payment is enabled.

- Off - Setting shift differential payment is not enabled.

  • AttendanceAllows you to set up a system for tracking attendance and accessing violations for tardiness.

- On - Attendance tracking is enabled.

- Off - Attendance tracking  is not enabled.

Remember to select SAVE when you change the settings. 

Video: How to Configure Organization Settings Policies 

Enterprise Configuration Policies Menu

Passwords Page (Tab 3) - Pertains to all users and employees in all portals.
  • Password Management 

Off - No password security requirements.

- Enabled – Forces everyone to change their password based on the criteria enabled: 

  • Expire after - Number of days to reset.
  • Disallow Repeats - Controls whether or not passwords can be reused.

- Off - Passwords can be reused.

Enabled - Passwords cannot be reused.

  • Complexity - Length, parameters, and characters passwords

- At least (8) characters long
- Contains both letters and numbers
- Not a variation of your username

Remember to select SAVE when you change the settings. 

Video: How to Manage Organization Password Configuration

Enterprise Configuration Password Menu 

Systems Page (Tab 4) - Review the system features that are enabled in your TeamWork 5 account.

Note: Other than the CAPTCHAs, these settings are controlled TeamWork 5, so you'll have to create a help ticket to change them.

  • Role Security 
  • Collaboration - whether or not you can create events, messages, and notifications through TeamWork 5
  • Credentials - whether or not you can create and manage credentials
  • Recruiting - whether or not you can use recruiting 
  • Shift Bidding - whether or not employees can bid on shifts
  • Forecasting - a type of reports used to extrapolate data and create schedules
  • Scripting 
  • Enterprise Schedules - whether or not you can create and manage schedules at the enterprise level.
  • Time and Attendance - whether or not you can clock on and off with TeamWork 5.
  • Client Management - whether or not you can use the client section in TeamWork 5.
  • Route Management - whether or not you can schedule and monitor routes through TeamWork 5.
  • Swapboard CAPTCHA Per Views - used to prevent spam and bots from accessing your TeamWork 5 account.
  • Swapboard CAPTCHA Reset - how before before a new CAPTCHA is created if the first one isn't addressed.

Remember to select SAVE when you change the settings. 

Video: How to View Organization System Configuration 

Enterprise Configuration System Menu