Service Link 

The SaaS subscription agreement for the use of ScheduleSource Workforce Management System services, unless a separate signed contract has been executed.


Settings Link 

  • Name of your Enterprise Account.
- Editable by you.
- Displayed in the top left corner. Click on name to return to main home page at any time. 
  • Code: Logon Access code. 
- Not editable by you Contact ScheduleSource to change. 
- Sign In code for all Enterprise Users. 
  • Logo URL - Applicable to Recruiting module only.
- Displays organization Logo on sign in page.
  • Time Zone - for the Enterprise Portal. 
- Set your time zone. 
- Schedule and Time data, viewed in the Enterprise Portal, will be seen in this time zone. 
- If separate time zones are not set for the locations, the location time zone will default to the Enterprise time zone setting. 
  • Custom Fields – will appear in a drop-down list if have been created. 

Settings Link System Tabs

  • Enterprise (Tab 1) – See Help Card System Settings

- These settings are set only at the Enterprise to determine functionality of the account system.

- The settings affect ALL Locations, employees, and data.

  • Extended Scheduling (Tab 2) 

- Not applicable to core subscription.

- Custom feature for scheduling more than a 7 day schedule.

- Must be activated by ScheduleSource.

  • System Features (Tab 3) 

- Set by ScheduleSource per your subscription.

- Core package includes: Location Scheduling, Auditing, Collaboration, and Forecasting.

- Contact ScheduleSource to discuss custom module packages.

Usage Link

  • Displays your Daily count for active employees deployed to a location and the billing rate. 

- There is no charge for employees in the system on an ‘Inactive’ status or for ‘Active’ employees who are not deployed to a location.

  • Billing is based on the ‘average active employee’ usage for each month. 

- Folders – Employees are counted against their default location folder to which they are assigned.

- If folders are not used (or a location is not assigned to a folder) then the employees are only counted against the Enterprise.

  • Billing amount may not be applicable if customer is on a signed Custom Contract.

Custom Fields Folder – See Help Card Using Custom Fields

  • Custom fields are available in the Sections for Enterprise, Location, User, Station, Client, and Employee. 
  • They allow you to track additional information by creating a drop-down list of values to choose from or a text entry box. 
  • The fields appear on the Info/Edit page of the section they are created for. 
  • The fields and are visible to the locations, but not editable. 
  • Must be maintained in the Enterprise Portal. 
  • Useful for filtering and reporting as ‘user defined fields’. 

Lists Folder - See Help Card Using Lists

  •  Creates lookup lists that can be used at the location level. 
  • They allow you to create a drop-down list of values for location selection.
  • Must be maintained in the Enterprise Portal.
  • Useful for reporting and tracking specific reasons for scheduling and swapping actions, leave requests, and special days.

Security Folder

  • A timestamp log of any IP Address that is locked due to a security breach of too many failed attempts to logon. 
  • Policy to lock IP: 20 failed attempts in 15 minutes. 
  • Must be maintained in the Enterprise Portal. An Enterprise Administrator can choose to unlock the IP address.