Enterprise (Tab 1)

Note: These controls are set in the Enterprise Portal and dictate main functionality for the Enterprise and ALL Location operations.

  • Enterprise Skills - pertains to Employee assignment to stations by location.
    - Off - The location can assign employees to any station they have.
    - Enabled -  A location skill can only be assigned if the employee has been given a master skill at that station by the enterprise.
  • Directed Swaps - Pertains to the swab board functionality.
    - Enabled - Turns on directed swaps at all locations. Allows employees to direct a swap to one employee of their choice.
    - Off - Posted swap shifts are available to all employees and can’t be ‘directed’ to one employee.
  • Limit Availability - Pertains ONLY to Enterprise Scheduling. Not available in core scheduling package.
    - Off - Employees are eligible to pick up Enterprise Swap Board shifts for any hours.
    - Enforce Business Hours - Employee ability to pick up shifts from the Enterprise Swap Board is limited to business hours entered in the Location Settings/Weekdays page.
  • First Day of Week - Pertains to Add Schedules for the start day of the schedules.
    - The first day of the schedule for the locations.
    - This is enforced if the location is not given the right to change this in the ‘Location Editing’ tab under Weekday Settings. 
  • Leave Management - Pertains to how time off is entered.
    - Ad-Hoc - used when the Leave Management module is not enabled. Used for core subscription.
    - Managed – used when the additional Leave Management module is enabled. 
  • Show Open Ships on Swap Board - Pertains to posted shifts on the Swap Board.
    - All - All empty shifts in a published schedule are automatically posted on the swap board.
    - Only swapped shifts -Only shifts posted by employees for swapping are posted on the swap board. 
  • Public Pages for Locations - Generates a URL link to view published schedules and a Link to iCal formatted data.
    - No – Locations do not get the ability to create a public page.
    - Yes- Locations see a new tab in the Admin section to create a URL link.
  • Public Pages for Employees - Generates a URL link to view their own published schedules.
    Yes - Employees see a new tab in the Profile section to create a URL and a Link to iCal formatted data.

Time & Attendance Module - related system settings
Note: If the Time & Attendance module is enabled, the following additional settings display.

  • Employees Clockings
    - All Deployed – Allows Employees to Clock on to all individual locations to which they are assigned.
    - Only default – Allows Employees to Clock on to only their primary default location. 
  • Employees Time Approval
    - No - Employee does not approve their time card.
    - Enabled - Requires employees to ‘approve’ the time entries, both clocking and admin entries on their timecard.
  • Enforce Time Error Review
    - Yes - Requires location to review and fix all time entries with ERROR status (correct time entry or void) before the pay period can be approved.
    - No - No required review by location manager. 
  • Automatic Time Sheet Creation - Pertains to the Pay Period.
    - Yes - Enables hourly auto run where timesheets are automatically updated per rules, including creating a timesheet for new employees. Recommend you leave this as yes, otherwise you must manually create new timesheets for each new employee you enter in the system.
    - No - Timesheets for new employees are not created automatically. 
  • Kiosk Badge Field - Pertains to the Time Kiosk.
    Choose the field that the Kiosk window reads to clock employees on and off. Available fields are ExternalID, UsernameID, BadgeID, BioID, and IVRPin.
  • Custom Short Date Format - Pertains to using a short date format.
    Enter date format. If left blank, date displays in U.S. format: mm/dd/yy.
  • Custom Time Format - Pertains to using a time format.
    Enter time format. If left blank, time displays in U.S. format: h:mm am or pm
  • Enterprise Shift Note - Pertains to using notes on shifts, tasks, and activities.
    - Shift note, Task, or Activity - note enabled.
    - Off - adding a note is not enabled.

Password Management - Pertains to all users and employees in all portals.
  • Off - No password security requirements.
  • Enabled – Forces everyone to change their password based on the criteria enabled: 
    - Expire after: Number of days to reset.
    No repeats: Enabled if password cannot be reused or Off. 
    - Complexity: Enabled or Off. If enabled, must meet criteria:
    --- At least (8) characters long
    --- Contains both letters and numbers
    --- Not a variation of your username

to select SAVE the settings you enter.