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How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Stations show the employee the work position they have for a shift.
  • You must have stations to use in order to build a schedule. Every shift in a schedule or template requires being assigned to a station.


About Stations

  • The Stations folder contains a list of the stations that have been deployed for this location's use. 
  • These items are controlled by the Enterprise Portal:
    - Station name and description.
    - Station custom field information.
     -If the station is allowed to swap.
    - Which locations the stations is deployed to. 
  • These items can be managed by the location:
    Priority rank and pay rate.
    Employees assigned and skill levels. 
Station Information

Information Tab:

  • Select the name of the station, in the left menu.
  • Edit station information for:
    - Priority: The rank chosen, 1-9 high, is used by auto-fill in determining which stations are most important to fill the most shifts for.
    Pay Rate: Used to determine the cost of the schedule in the schedule section. If entered, this pay rate will be used for the cost of the shift when the assigned employee does not have a pay rate entered or the shift is empty. (If a pay rate is entered for the employee, the employee rate will be used.)
    Note: The cost of the schedule is viewed in the Schedules Section/Totals tab.

Time Tab:

  • Set default project/tasks and activities for time clocks.

Credentials Tab:

  • View the skills required to work this station.

Video: How to Add a New Station