How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • You can see a summary view of all your station data.
  • You can use mass update to very quickly assign, change, or clear skill assignments for multiple employees that are equally skilled.

Stations Section: Summary View

  • A summary of all stations is found on the home page for the Stations section.
  • Open the Stations section.
  • Select the Stations tab on the top right page.

  • A summary of your station data displays in the right pane. 

Stations Section: Mass Update Skills

  • Go to Stations > Tools > Mass Update Skills.

  • Open the Tools folder. Select the Mass Update Skills link.
  • You can use this to update multiple employee skills at one or more stations when the employees have the same skill level assigned. 
  • You can make assignments to an entire crew at one time.

Understanding the Mass Update form

  • The left column lists all the Stations. The number indicates the number of employees assigned with skills to that station.
  • The right column lists all the employees, with their crew assignment in front of their name. The number indicates the number of stations for which they have skills.
  • For example: Brown, Danny [3] shows Danny is not assigned to a crew (as no crew appears in front of the colon) and has skills at three stations. To see which 3 stations Danny has skills go to the Employee Section and look under Danny’s Stations tab.

Using the Mass Update tool

  • Highlight the station (or stations) and the employee (or employees) that you want to update with the same skill level. 
  • Choose the skill level from the box below. 
  • Select Update
  • Example: In the screen shots above the Manager Station is being updated. All employees assigned to the Manager crew are being updated to a skill level of 9. This updates the skill level to 9 for only the 4 employees highlighted. Since the number after the Manager Station is 10, there are 6 other employees who will remain at the skill previously assigned. 

Using Mass Clear:
  • Use the Clear Skills button to clear all the assigned skills at once from a station or from an employee.