Stations Section: Employee Tab

Go to Stations > Stations and select a station.
Select the Employees tab.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • You know that employees are skilled to work in the station(s) to which they are assigned.
  • You can use the skill level (priority) to be sure your highest skilled employees are scheduled first when auto-fill is used.

About Employee Assignments:
  • Employees cannot be scheduled to a shift in a station unless they have been assigned a skill level at that station.
  • You can assign employees to stations from three places. Instructions are provided for using each method.
    - From Stations section/Employee tab – Use when you want to assign multiple employees to one station. See Station Section.
    - From Employee section/Station tab – Use when you want to assign multiple stations to one employee. See Employee Section.
    - From Stations section/Tools Folder/ Mass Update Skills – Use when you want to quickly add, update or clear skills for multiple employees and/or multiple stations. See Mass Update for more information.

About Employee Skill Levels:
  • Employee skill levels (priority) are 0 – 9, with 9 being highest.
  • Auto-fill only schedules employees with a skill level of 1-9.
  • A skill level of 0 means the employee can only be manually assigned by the scheduler a shift at this station. (This adds the employee to the Available Employees list in the Schedules section to allow for manual shift assignment. See Schedules Section: Available Employees List.)

Station Section: Assign multiple employees to one station
  • Open the Stations section.
  • Select the name of the Station in the left menu.
  • Select the Employees tab on the right page.
    Note: The default view is Show: Assigned. This lists only the employees previously assigned to this station, so the page may be blank.
  • Select Show: All
    This lists all of your employees. 
  • If you want the employee eligible to work that station, enter a priority of 0-9.
  • If you do not want the employee eligible to work that station, leave the box blank.
  • Select Update.
Employee Section: Assign multiple stations to one employee
  • Open the Employee section. 
  • Select the name of the employee in the left menu. 
  • Select the Stations tab on the right page. 
  • Follow the process above to assign priority rankings for each station that you want the employee to be eligible to work at. 
How auto-fill uses priority level
  • Each employee is assigned to the shifts in the stations with their highest priority level first. Then they are assigned to other stations using the skill level in the descending order from 9 to 1.
  • For each station, the highest skilled employees is filled in the shifts first. Then shifts are filled using the skill level in descending order.
  • Auto-fill is also enforcing all other scheduling constraints entered.
Schedules Section: Available Employees List

  • Open the Schedules section, open a schedule, and list the shifts.
  • Select the name of an employee assigned to a shift (or on an EMPTY shift). A a pop-up window lists Available Employees. 
    - The list shows all employees that are eligible to work at that station as they have been assigned a skill level. 
    - Employees with no conflicts are in green colored rows. 
    - Employees with conflicts are in gray colored rows and conflicts in orange.
    - Employees with a 0 priority that could not be used by auto-fill. 
  • Managers can manually select any employee and override any conflict.