Optional Feature:

An OPTIONAL feature of our Timekeeping “Kiosk”, the web page accessed on your device, is the ability to capture a photograph of the employee clocking in or out.  If client organizations decide to enable this feature, the photographs are available for review.  Checks can be enabled to verify if a face exists in the photo or to compare the clocking photo to a reference photo.  Organizations can choose to limit the ability to clock in if checks fail.  It’s the organization’s decision to enable, and its sole responsibility to manage, these options so that employee agreements or local laws are not violated with their use.


Photographs are stored in a secure system and are referenced by a key that does NOT include any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).  No meta-data is stored with the photograph.  The transmission of a photo is via encrypted channels and the photo files are also encrypted at rest in the database.

No Biometric Identifiers:

To determine if a face exists and the similarity of a face to a reference face, we use Amazon Rekognition, a service that provides secure comparisons of photographs.  The system forwards the photo, with no PII, and the result returned is a numerical score between zero and one that represents the likelihood that a face exists in the photo and that the image provided matches the image stored.  

These scores do NOT use and are NOT biometric identifiers and we do NOT access the Amazon matching/scoring system.  Amazon has NO information about the identity of individuals (https://aws.amazon.com/rekognition/the-facts-on-facial-recognition-with-artificial-intelligence/) and does not create or store any biometric data about the individuals.

Example Analysis for Facial Recognition:

Reference Photo

Clocking Photo

Face exists = 98.87% probable

Face exists = 97.12% probable

Similarity of Reference Photo to Clocking Photo = 96.72% probable


Data Retention and Destruction:

Photograph files are retained per each customers’ data retention period.  The maximum retention period is seven (7) years.  Photograph files will be deleted upon customer request and/or the end of contracted services.