New Features

Facial Authentication to Clock - The TeamWork 5 Kiosk supports photos of employees while clocking. The Kiosk can now be configured to warn or prevent clocking if the person is not recognized. (more info)

Auto-Deploy Skills - Automatically inserting local skills when deploying Employees or Stations to Locations.

Mass-Add Skills - Ability to mass add employee skills to multiple location(s) either matching their enterprise skills and priority or generating both enterprise and local skills simultaneously.

(Beta) Text Message reminders for employees either 30 minutes or 60 minutes prior to shift start.  Please contact support to participate in beta testing. (more info)

UI Enhancements

Faster grids and side menu for major sections.

Employees list limited by default to only active employees. Checking "Show All" will return the full list.

Schedules list limited by default to only current and future schedules. Checking "Show All" will return the full list.

Improved paging and navigation in sections with a master list and left pop-over list.

Added two-week schedule/availability pop-over next to employee names in several places.

Optional "Desktop Toolbar" available in "My Settings".