Admin Lists

The Lists menu allows your organization to define values that appear in lookup lists as reasons that actions are taken. Refer to the following Summary Chart.

Type Where Used Required use if entered Results
Leave Types Days Off Request Yes Shows on Days Off
summary page in Location and Employee Portal
Time Accrual Types Custom features required – Allows leave types to be subcategory of accrual type. Yes
Required integration with organization HR system balance feeds; allows Leave granted in Teamwork to be debited from balance.
Shift Swap
Place shift on swap  board by employee Yes
Does not show on
employee or location swap board
Shift Reassign
On Available  employee pop-up list when manually assign shift No Not shown on table or  history
Shift Cancel Reasons Shift status tab to inactivate the shift No Shows shift in grayed out row on schedule in location and employee portal
Accounting Id’s Custom - billing id’s for custom features use
Yes Telephony forms of IVR used to clock time to billing id’s

Leave Types

  • Code – Displayed only in location and enterprise portals.
  • Name – Displayed in Employees drop down list of choices on add days off form. Displayed in Location on Employee Days Off Summary Chart.
  • Custom Report in Enterprise & Location, Data Source Employee Days Off .
  • External Code – Used to integrate leave with a different system used by the organization. Not visible in SS system (programmer field).
  • Project/Task – Optional to assign. (Drop down list is populated by ‘Leave’ designated items only as setup in the Enterprise Time section).
  • Accrual Type – Optional to assign. (Drop down list is populated by the ‘time Accrual types’ as added in the Enterprise/Admin/Lists).
  • Can choose to count as Scheduled Hours and/or to make as Leave Blackout.
Shift Reasons

  • All types of reasons are visible in reports at both Enterprise & Location: DataSource: ScheduleShifts Column: Update Reason.
  • Reports shows current status of shift and reason
  • Reasons cannot be edited, they can be deleted and new options added.
Shift Swap Reasons

  • Reason given at posting to swapboard is visible on the individual Shift History on the Edit popup in the Schedule section. It is not visible on the summary tab for Shift audit trail history.
  • Reason is not visible on Location or Employee swap board.
  • In Reports, the reason is retained only if the shift is actually swapped.

Shift Reassign Reasons

  • If used, is part of the History audit trail on the individual shift.
  • Is not visible in any summary table.

Shift Cancel Reasons

  • Shows on Loc schedule as grayed out. Shows on Loc ‘edit shift popup’: “Cancelled: (reason)”.
  • Shows on Employee schedule as ‘Inactive’ and is grayed out.
  • Audit history (Edit shift/Status tab) shows timestamp & user of all inactive and reactivated actions.
  • Shift can be ‘enable/reactivate’ at any time (Edit Shift/Status tab).
  • Reports: Column “inactive code” shows 1=inactive/cancelled or 0=active shift.