Location Section

A Location is a distinct unit of the business for scheduling and timekeeping.

How does this functionality help you?

  • The Enterprise can have separate locations for each unit that wants to generate a schedule.
  • The Enterprise controls assignment of stations and employees to each location.

Adding Locations- Enterprise Entry Only 
  1. Open the Location Section. 
  2. Click Add at the top of the screen. You must be logged in under the enterprise to add locations.
  3. Name your location. (Required)
  4. Give your location a code. This is what employees and managers will need to log in. (Required)
  5. Assign your location an external ID.
  6. Select a time zone or use the default.
  7. Deploy station(s) to the location.
  8. Deploy user(s) to the location.
  9. Deploy employee(s) to the location.
  10. Choose Save.

Video: How to Add a New Location

Location Data Entry
  • The data below can be entered only in the Enterprise portal and cannot be edited by the location.
    - Assign Stations, Employees, and Users to the Location for use.
    - Assign Time projects and activities to the Location for use.
    - Time Settings tab: Setup & Rules, Default Project/task, and Valid IP Addresses.
  • The data below can be entered either in the Enterprise portal or the Location portal as authorized by the Roles assigned to the individual users. Data is populated in both portals.
    - Information Edit tab: all fields.
    - Location Settings tab: Week Days & Business Hours and Globally Unique ID.
    - Employee Settings tab: Portal Privileges and Swapping Rules.
    Schedule Settings tab: AutoFill Settings and Break Settings.
  • The data below can be entered only in the Location portal. It is location-specific data that does not populate the Enterprise and is not visible in the Enterprise Portal.
    - Location Section: Special days for the location.
    - Location Section: Crews, Labor Pools, and Shift Groups.
    - Admin Section: Password strength check for Employees and Users.

Playlist: Locations in TeamWork 5 for Managers

Inactive Locations

 A Location can be made inactive by changing the status on the Edit tab. 

  • Inactive locations do not allow any Log On. 
  • Locations cannot be deleted. Unused locations should be made inactive.


Options Tab: Filter and Group
  • The location menu list default is alphabetical with no folders, but you can reorganize any charts with the funnel symbol by setting up filters.
  • Select the funnel.
  • Choose your parameters then click Filter.
  • To remove a filter, select the funnel symbol again and click Clear.

Assigning Employees, Stations, & Users

Locations can only see and use the above when they are ‘assigned’. The process is the same to assign all of them. 

  1. Click on Deployments and select Employee, Station, or User
  2. Choose Add.
  3. Highlight the items you want to assign.
  4. Click Add.
  5. To ‘un-assign’ items, Check to boxes nest to the items and choose Remove.

Video: How to Deploy and Remove Stations from Locations

Video: How to Deploy and Remove Employees from Locations

Video: How to Deploy and Remove Users from Locations