Station Section

Stations are work positions with shifts assigned at the location.

How does this functionality help you? 

  • The Enterprise controls the stations that locations can use. 
  • The Enterprise determines what station information is editable by location users. 
  • Employees must be given a skill level at the location to be able to work at a station. 

Adding Stations- Enterprise Entry Only 

  1. Open the Station Section.
  2. Click Add at the top of the screen. You must be logged in under the enterprise to add stations.
  3. Name your Station. (Required)
  4. Assign your station an external ID.
  5. To let employees swap shifts at this station, check Allow Swap.
  6. Deploy the station to location(s).
  7. Deploy employee(s) to the station.
  8. Choose Save.

Video: How to Add a New Station

Station Data Entry
The data below can be entered only in the Enterprise portal and cannot be edited by the location.
  • Name of the station.
  • Description data.
  • External ID (not visible to the location). 
  • Custom Field data (Custom fields are created in the Organization Section).
  • Allow swap or not. 
  • Add Station Skills. 

The data below can be entered either at the Enterprise portal or the Location portal as authorized by the Roles assigned to the individual users. Data is populated in both portals.
  • Employee Skills.
  • Pay Rate – Enterprise entry is populated for all locations, but locations can edit with a local pay rate.

The data below can be entered only in the location portal. It is location-specific data that does not populate in the Enterprise portal and is not visible in the Enterprise Portal.
  • Priority.
  • Pay Rate for location.

Delete a Station- Enterprise Portal Only
The Delete link is on the Station Edit tab. All data related to the station is deleted if the station is deleted. A station cannot be deleted if locations have active (non-archived) schedules that contain shifts at the station.

Options Tab: Filter and Group
The station menu list default is alphabetical. You can use the filter symbol to reorder the stations like most charts.