Users Section

Users are schedulers, managers, administrators, etc that you are giving access to either the Enterprise or Location Portal or both.

Roles Section

Roles control individual users are access privileges to different sections within each portal.

How does this functionality help you?

  • The Enterprise controls who has access to the two portals (users). 
  • The Enterprise controls what each user can see and do when they Sign In (roles).

Adding Users

  1. Open the User Section.
  2. Open the Tools folder, click on the Add User link.

  3.   Enter all data for the new user. 

  4.   The user must have a valid email entered to use the CPack. 
  5. The username and password is required to Sign In to a portal.
  6.  Check the box only if they are going to be authorized as an Enterprise User.
  7. User information is not visible in the Location portal.
  8. Click on the Refresh icon to see the users name in the left menu.
Assigning Locations

  1. Users must be assigned to a Location in order to Sign In to that Location portal.
  2. Click on the Users Name in the left menu bar. Click on the Assign Locations Tab.

  3.   Highlight the locations they are to have access to. Click the ‘right arrow’ to move them into the ‘Assigned box. 
  4. To ‘unassign’ a location, click on the’ left arrow’.

Assigning Roles

  1. Users must be assigned a ‘role’ at each location.
  2. Click on the Users Name in the left menu bar. Click on the Assign Roles Tab.
  3. Choose from the Location drop down list the portal you are assigning access for:

    - Enterprise = Enterprise Role
    - Location Default Access = same role for all locations where assigned.
    Location Specific = Choose one location to give user a different role. 
  4. Users should only have one role per location.
  5. A location specific role will override the Location Default Access role.

Review & Test User Access

  1. Click on the users name to view the Summary of their assigned locations and roles.

  2. Test ‘User’ Sign In using the username and password assigned prior to giving the information to the User.

Creating Roles