Employees Section

Employees are the people who will be scheduled in shifts to work at assigned locations. 

How does this functionality help you? 

  • The Enterprise controls the locations where employees are authorized to work. 
  • The Enterprise determines what employee information is editable by location users. 
  • Employee data entered in either portal is populated into both portals, unless it is location-specific data. 


Adding Employees- Enterprise Portal Entry Only 

  1. Open the Employee Sections. 
  2. Choose the Add button or the Add tab
  3. First & Last Name is a required entry. 
  4. In order to schedule an employee, you must also choose the Location(s) and Station(s) where they will work. 
  5. You have the option to set their global availability here too. 
  6. Click Save. 

       4. Choose the refresh button to generate the updated list of employees. To add further information as detailed below

           select the employee from the list.

Employee Data Entry

  • The data below can be entered in the Enterprise portal if used for the employee.
    - Personal tab: Custom Fields (Custom fields are created in the Organization Section.) 

- Style for employee
- Time & Attendance (if Time & Attendance Module is enabled): Default Project/Task, Default Activity. 

  • The data below can be entered Either at the Enterprise portal or the Location portal as authorized by the Roles assigned to the individual users. The data is populated in both portals.
    - Personal tab: name, nickname, username, password, start date, birth date, notes, external id, badge id, bio id, and pin
    - Contact tab: all fields.
    - Scheduling tab: all fields.
    - Time & Attendance (if Time & Attendance Module is enabled): Time Zone.
    - Assigning Stations & Skills. 
  • The data below can be entered Only in the Location portal. It is location-specific data that does not populate in the Enterprise portal and is not visible in the Enterprise Portal.
    - Scheduling Tab: Crew, Rotation, and Pay Rate.
    - Availability: Global will populate every location where assigned. Local, Date Based, and Alternate Availability affect only the location where entered.
    - Leave: Entry and management.
    - Credentials: Entry and Management. 

Playlist: Employees in TeamWork 5 for Managers

Swapping Functionality
  • If the Enterprise checks the box to ‘Allow Swapping’ for an employee, it will  populate the ‘allow swapping’ box for every location the employee is assigned to. 
  • If the Location clears the ‘allow swapping’ check box, it does not change the selection made at the Enterprise Level. 
  • Each location can choose independently if the same employee can swap or not for that specific location. 

Status Functionality


  • Enterprise Inactive – If an employee is made inactive at the Enterprise, they are made inactive at all Locations assigned. 
  • Location Inactive – If an employee is made inactive at a Location, they are still active at the Enterprise and at any other assigned Locations. 
  • Making an employee inactive will clear all shifts assigned beyond this date.



  • Employee must first be made inactive. 
  • Deletes all data associated with the employee (except for archived schedules). 
  • Enterprise Delete – Employee is deleted from all locations. 
  • Location Delete – Employee is deleted from this location only. 
  • Employees cannot be deleted if they have any time data associated with them (even if the pay periods are complete). You can leave them inactive and you are not charged for them since only active employees are counted in the fee schedule.

Video: How to Terminate an Employee

Assigning Employees

Required - If you want the employee to be used in a location for scheduling: 

  • Assign to Locations – Puts them in the Employee section of each Location to which they are assigned. 

Video: How to Assign, Edit, and Remove Employees from Locations

Optional Organization Section Features:

  • Assign to Policy – If used by the Enterprise.
  • Assign to Folders – If used by the Enterprise.

Video: How to Assign and Remove Employees from Folders