Report Resources

ScheduleSource provides extensive report resources for helping you identify the fields that contain the data you are looking for. A quick reference for column formula data and report design examples are also available. Refer to the following.

Data Sources and Data Fields

Reports display under the Data Source used to generate the report. The following are the specific links to the TeamWork Learning Center.

  • ScheduleSource Data Sources and Corresponding Data Fields — displays a document that contains data sources and the corresponding data fields.

  • Data Sources — displays definitions for the column field choices. When you design reports, you select data sources for: Organization, Employee, Scheduling, and Time and Attendance.

    Note: Data Sources are available for the modules in your subscription. The Core Scheduling Package includes Organization, Employee, and Scheduling Data Sources. If you have purchased the Time & Attendance module, those Time & Attendance Data Sources are also available.

Formula Columns

Reports use formula columns to read and manipulate data of other columns. Use adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, and logical operands as well as logic functions and math functions. Refer to Column Formula Quick Reference.

Report Format: Date and Number

Reports allow for custom formatting of dates and numbers. Refer to Formatting Dates and Numbers.

Report Examples

The following provides simple Report Examples using tally and statistical fields. It shows you how you can display the same data in different ways.