Use the Reports section to organize your Enterprise data using a variety of summary, detail, and fixed reports. The Reports section provides two types of reports: fixed reports that ScheduleSource loaded into your account and reports you create using your Enterprise portal data. Reports developed in the Enterprise portal can be shared with locations in the Location portal.

Summary of Report Functionality

Once you enter organizational data into your account, you can:

  • Develop user-defined custom fields and include custom field data in reports

  • Create new values based on other values in the report, and use "if" statement logic

  • Use report packages to view organization, employee, scheduling, and time-related data

  • Run reports on a scheduled basis and automatically email reports to users and locations

  • Set up reports to be delivered only when an alert exists

  • Apply filters to each report column and use common filtering mechanisms

  • Multi-select columns and add criteria to build reports quickly

  • Use the designs provided for location, employee, employee skills, and schedule shift data

  • Use the charts provided to graphically see location, employee, employee skills, and scheduling template data

  • Change the display of chart data simply by clicking on a chart type: bar, column, line, and pie

  • Use fixed reports to view summarized scheduling data related to headcounts and a month view

Note: The Reports section contains new and improved functionality. Take some time to learn the new features as outlined in these How To's.

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