Left Menu Bar: Location Folder

Go to Organization > Location and select Information.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • You can keep your location contact information current. 
  • You have easy download access to location data and schedules. 



  • Edit location address, phone, and fax information. 
  • Custom Field information is editable. These are ‘user defined fields’ created in the Enterprise portal for additional location data.
  • Time Zone and DST settings. This determines the time displayed in the schedule and time sections. 
  • Enterprise Settings for folder and status. These should not be changed at the location level without consulting the Enterprise administrator.
Unique ID

The Globally Unique ID is only used if you are using the ScheduleSource Time & Attendance module and are using a Kiosk for employee time clocking. If not applicable, leave blank. 

About Downloads:

  • The download file is built the instant you choose to download it, so the information is current in real-time.
  • 2 formats are available:
    - TXT format – Tab separated values. These can be cut and pasted into Excel.
    - CSV format – Comma separate values. This automatically opens Excel and puts the data in the spreadsheet.
How to Download:
  1. Go to Admin > Location > Downloads in the left menu bar.
  2. Right-click on a file format (TXT or CSV) for the given data. 
  3. If running Internet Explorer, choose ‘Save Target As’
    If running Mozilla Firefox, choose ‘Save Link As’
  4. Enter a file name. Choose the folder where you want the file saved.
  5. Select Save.
    Note: You have several options. You can just view the data by choosing ‘open in new window’. Choose Open file. You can also save it from this screen if you desire.
Downloads available: Location Information

Downloads available: Employee & Station Information

Downloads available: Schedules Information
All active and archived schedules appear in your list.


  • ScheduleSource encourages you to download your data on a regular basis – especially your schedules. This will allow you to preserve the data with a hard copy record.
  • In addition, all reports and data display in the right window pane can be copied and pasted into Excel.