Left Menu Bar: Passwords Folder

Go to Organization > Passwords and select Check Employees or Check Users.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • This enables you to check the password strength of your employees and users.
  • Setting in place good password policies helps ensure security for your organization’s data.
  • Password Strength Criteria
    - At least 8 characters in length
    - A mixture of letters and numbers
    - Not a variation of the user name 
  • Password Enforcement: There is an option in the Enterprise portal for Password Management. Go to Organization > Passwords.
  • Password change by a manager in the Location portal. 
  • Password reset by the individual employee or user. 

How to Make Passwords More Secure
  • You can use the message board and/or broadcast email options to:
    - Contact employees or users with a ‘weak’ password and ask them to change it to a more secure password.
    - Notify employees of how to change their password.
  • You can enforce password management criteria. In the Enterprise portal, go to Organization > Passwords. Select Password Management Enabled and enter criteria.

How Employees Change Their Own Password
Option 1: In the Employee portal - Change Password (
To use this option they must know their current password.)
  • Open Settings in the top menu bar. 
  • Select Information. 
  • Select [Change password] on the Personal window.
  • Input new password twice and  and select the Save tab.
  • The new password requirements are only required if Password Management is enabled in the Enterprise. Otherwise any password is allowed. The criteria must be followed to get an ‘OK’ strength for the password.

Video: How to Change Your Password

Option 2: Log In - Forgot Your Password
  • To use this they must have a valid email address in the system, know their account code, and their user name. They do not need to know their current password. 
  • A password reset option is listed below the Sign In button
  • Click this link to obtain the Forgot Password screen.
  • Enter the required information and select Forgot Password.
  • A message displays notifying you that an email has been sent with reset links and instructions. Note: If unsuccessful, contact your Enterprise administrator for assistance.

How Managers Change Employee Passwords
  • Go to Employees and select the employee whose password you need to change.
  • Select Password in the Personal section.
  • Add the new password twice.
  • Select Choose.