Left Menu Bar: Passwords Folder

Go to Admin > Passwords and select Check Employees or Check Users.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • This enables you to check the password strength of your employees and users.
  • Setting in place good password policies helps ensure security for your organization’s data.

  • Password Strength Criteria
    - At least 8 characters in length 
    - A mixture of letters and numbers 
    - Not a variation of the user name 
  • Password Enforcement
    There is an option in the Enterprise portal for Password Management. Go to Admin > System > Enterprise.
  • Password change by a manager in the Location portal.
  • Password reset by the individual employee or user.

How to Check Password Strength

  • Click on the left menu link to Check Employees or Check Users.
  • A green “OK” appears by the name of the individuals with good password strength.
  • A red “WEAK” appears if the password does not meet the criteria listed at the bottom of the page.

How to Make Passwords More Secure

  • You can use the message board and/or broadcast email options to: 
    - Contact employees or users with a ‘weak’ password and ask them to change it to a more secure password.
    - Notify employees of how to change their password.
  • You can enforce password management criteria. In the Enterprise portal, go to Admin > System > Enterprise. Select Password Management Enabled and enter criteria.

How Employees Change Their Own Password
Option 1: In the Employee portal - Change Password

  • To use this option they must know their current password.
    - Open the Profile section from the top menu bar.
    Select the Information link. 
    - Select 
    [Change password] on the Personal window.
      The current password strength is shown as WEAK or OK
    - Input new password twice and select the Save tab.
    - The new password requirements are only required if Password Management is enabled in the Enterprise. Otherwise any password is allowed.

    - The criteria must be followed to get an ‘OK’ strength for the password.
    A notice is posted indicating the status of the password change: 

Option 2: On the Sign In page – Reset password.

  1. To use this they must have a valid email address in the system, know their account code, and their user name. They do not need to know their current password. 
  2. A password reset option is listed below the Sign In button:

  3. Click this link to obtain the Forgot Password screen.
  4. Enter the required information and select Forgot Password.
    A message displays notifying you that an email has been sent with reset links and instructions.
    Note: If unsuccessful, contact your Enterprise administrator for assistance.