Left Menu Bar: Privileges Folder

Go to Admin > Privileges and select Employee Access.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • This enables you to give employees access to the Employee portal, but control what they can see and do. 
  • Employee portal access gives the employees the flexibility to view their real-time current schedules from any computer or mobile device with internet access. 
  • Employees can then perform other functions based on the privileges authorized by their organization. 
  • Edit: If you do not check the box, the employee can view but not edit.

Employee Access:

  • The features selected specify the privileges that employees will have when they sign in to the Employee Portal for this location. Each location sets employee access privileges separately.
  • These are global location settings that will affect all employees’ access.
  • There are three categories of privileges: View, Edit, and Approvals
  • The help icon,  , opens a window with the details of what each option means, providing you easy review details from within the application.
How to Select Privileges:

  • Select the check box to grant the privilege. Select Save.
  • Privileges may be changed at any time and will take effect immediately. 
  • The following tables summarize each option. 

Employee Privileges Defined/Location-specific:

View: If no view features are selected, the Employee portal for this location does not display a view link. Selections include:

View features

If enabled...

Full schedule

Allows employees to view shifts for all employees. If this is not selected, an employee only see their own schedule.

All contact info

Allows employees to view names, phone numbers, and emails of coworkers assigned to your location.

All employee days off

Allows employees to view granted days off for all employees at this location. Helps employees to find days with few other granted day-off requests.

Edit: If edit features are not selected, the Employee portal for this location displays information so that an employee can view it, but not edit it. Selections include:

Edit features

If enabled...

Contact Info

Allows employees to view shifts for all employees. If this is not selected, an employee only see their own schedule.

Scheduling Parameters

Allows employees to update their max days/week, max hours/week, and max shifts/day.


Allows employees to update their availability for global, local, and date-based profiles.

Single Day Override Availability

Allows employees to enter Single Day Override availability. These entries, when present, are used in scheduling in place of the profile availability.

Request Days Off

Allows employees to add days off requests. Requests are granted by a scheduler before they become effective. When granted, they display in the Employee portal.

Approvals: If selected, this feature lets the scheduler know that the employee has seen the schedule. A green OK displays on approved shifts in the location schedule.

Approvals feature

If enabled...

Employee shift approval

Allows employee to approve working future shift. When schedule is published, employees can approve each shift individually or mass-approve all schedules. Approvals can also be undone by the employee.
Note: Approval is automatically undone if a scheduler 1) reassigns the shift, 2) changes the date, or 3) changes the shift times.