How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Managing the churn of changes to your schedule is efficient and easy.
  • Multiple schedule shifts can be edited at once with mass update options. See Schedules Section: Using Mass Updates.
  • Changes made to shifts are in real time and immediately visible to employees.

Schedules Section: Editing Schedule Shifts

Editing Schedule Shifts

  1. Select the schedule name to open the schedule tabs. (Example above: May-23)
  2. Select the Shifts tab on the top menu bar and select List from the drop-down menu. (or grid view)
  3. To edit the shift, click on the Start or End time of the shift to open the Edit Shift pop-up window.
    This window displays three tabs. Refer to the following information about using each tab.

Edit Tab

  • Make changes to edit the shift as needed.
  • A Break entered will reduce the total hours of the shift by the break time. 
  •  A note on the shift will appear in the schedule on that shift. 
  • Select Save to save the changes. 
  • To delete the shift from the schedule, select the [Delete] link.
    Important: A deleted shift cannot be recovered and the history of the shift is lost. 

Split Tab

  • The default is to split the shift equally. (Example: 6 hour shift split into 2 - 3 hour shifts)

  • Choose the split time from the split at drop-down list. (Example: split off last hour)

  • Select Split Shift to split the shift.
    Result: The schedule will now contain 2 shifts both assigned to the employee. 
  • The scheduler can now reassign either one or both of the shifts (or make it empty). 

Status Tab

  • Cancel – Make the shift inactive. It stays on the schedule but is grayed out in the Location portal.
    - If the Enterprise portal has set up Cancel Reasons, the reason chosen is added to the audit trail history of the shift.
    - In the Employee portal, the shift is grayed out and shows the reason it was cancelled.
    - The shift can be enabled at any time.

  • Show History – Shows the audit trail of every change made to the shift.