How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Managing the churn of changes to your schedule is efficient and easy.
  • Multiple schedule shifts can be edited at once with mass update options. See Schedules Section: Using Mass Updates.
  • Changes made to shifts are in real time and immediately visible to employees.

Schedules Section: Editing Schedule Shifts

Editing Schedule Shifts
  1. Select the schedule name to open the schedule tabs. 
  2. Select the Shifts tab on the top menu bar.
  3. To edit the shift, click on the Start or End time of the shift to open the Edit Shift pop-up window.
    This window displays three tabs. Refer to the following information about using each tab.

Edit Tab

  • Make changes to edit the shift as needed.
  • A Break entered will reduce the total hours of the shift by the break time. 
  • A note on the shift will appear in the schedule on that shift. 
  • Select Save to save the changes. 
  • To delete the shift from the schedule, select Delete.
    Important: A deleted shift cannot be recovered and the history of the shift is lost.

Split Tab

  • Choose the split time from the split at drop-down list. (Example: split off last hour)
  • Choose a time to split the shift.
  • Choose a second time to split the shift again.
  • Select Split Shift.
    Result: The schedule will now contain 2-3 shifts both assigned to the employee. 
  • The scheduler can now reassign either one or both of the shifts (or make it empty). 

Video: How to Assign and Remove Employees from Scheduled Shifts

History Tab