How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Employees can be assigned using Auto Fill.
  • Multiple schedule shifts can be edited at once with mass update options. See Schedules Section: Using Mass Updates
  • Changes made to shifts are in real time and immediately visible to employees.

Schedules Section: Assigning Shifts to Employees


Assigning Shifts to Employees
Empty shifts in the schedule can be filled in two ways. Both ways allow you to honor all employee and system constraints when assigning employees to shifts.
  • Auto Fill – uses the schedule optimizer and enforces all constraints entered for employees in terms of max limits, availability, station skills, and granted days off. See Schedules Section: Building a Schedule. Go to Assigning Shifts Using Auto Fill.
  • Manual placement – choose the employee you want to work the shift from the employee available list. You can override constraints if you choose to do so. See Assigning Shifts to Employees Manually.

Assigning Shifts to Employees Manually

  1. Select the schedule name to open the schedule tabs. (Example above: May-23)
  2. Select the Shifts tab on the top menu bar and select List from the drop-down menu. (or grid view)
  3. In the Employee column, click on the employee name (or --Empty--) to open the Available Employees pop-up window.

    The Available Employee window lists every employee that you have given a skill to for the station for this shift.
    Employees are listed within this order: 1) no conflicts 2) skill level 3) alphabetical.
    Employees with no conflicts are in green bars.
    - E
    mployees with conflicts are in gray bars and the conflicts are identified.
    If the Enterprise portal has entered Reassign Reasons they are listed in a drop-down box.
    The shift that is opened to reassign is identified at the top of the form in a white bar. The [clear] link will make the shift ‘empty’ on the schedule.
    Select the Schedule icon to see the employee three week schedule.
    Select the People icon to see the employee contact information.

  4. Click on the name of the employee you want to assign.
    First: Select the Reassign Reason, if applicable.
    If the employee is in a green bar with no conflicts, they are automatically assigned to the shift.

    If the employee is in a gray bar with some conflict indicated, you will receive a warning pop-up to confirm you want to override the conflict. 

    Select OK to assign the employee. 
    Click Cancel to return to the Available Employees list. 

Assigning One Employee to Multiple Shifts

See Schedules Section: Using Mass Updates for information on how to assign one employee to multiple shifts.