How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Mass Updates allow you to quickly change many things about shifts at one time.
  • Creating breaks in all shifts can be defined by parameters you determine and will decrease the shift length hours paid.

Schedules Section: Tools and Selected Tabs
Create Random Breaks in All Shifts
  1. Select the schedule name to open the schedule tabs.
  2. Select the Shifts tab in the top menu bar.
  3. From the Tools tab in the top menu bar, select Create Breaks.
  4. Choose parameters for the breaks on the Create Breaks pop-up window.
    - Break size: 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min.
    - Break start time: qtr hour, half hour, hour.
    - Minimum buffer size: Choose a buffer size that is less than half of your minimum shift length if you want all shifts eligible for breaks.
    - Minimum headcount percentage or minimum headcount per time slot: determines the number of breaks allowed per station/day time periods.
  5. Select Execute.
    Result: The breaks are inserted into every shift that meets the parameters chosen.

Using Merge Shifts
  1. From the Tools tab in the top menu bar, select Merge Shifts.
  2. This combines back-to-back shifts that share the same date, station, and employee.
  3. The schedule filter is not applicable when merging shifts. All shifts in the schedule are examined. Empty shifts are ignored.

Using Mass Update Options
  1. The Update tab in the top menu bar contains mass update options for when you want to make the same change to several shifts.
  2. First select the shifts you want to change, using one of the following methods:
    - Select the check box the individual shifts you want to change.
    - If you want to change ALL shifts use Toggle All under the Selected tab.
    Reminder: You can first use the Options Tab to filter to select shifts in your  schedule that you want to make changes to. Then, Toggle all works very quickly.
  3. From the Updated tab, choose one of the following mass options to be performed:
    - Update Shifts: Input the new data into the field’s entry box. Select Save.
  4. Edit will mass edit the shifts.
  5. Copy will duplicate the shifts.
  6. Move will move the shifts.
  7. Assign will manually assign one employee to all selected shifts.
    - Click on the name of the employee that you want to assign.
    Only active employees shown
    NO skills OR availability OR shifts checked
    Inactive shifts are ignored in the analysis
    It's VERY possible to manually assign conflicts 
  8. Clear Assignments removes employees assignments from selected shifts. It makes the shifts ‘empty’. 
  9. Clear Breaks removes breaks from selected shifts. It removes the break times.
  10. Swap/Bid places those shifts on the swap or bid boards.
  11. Inactivate temporarily removes them from the schedule.
  12. Reactivate restores in activated shifts.
  13. Delete: Use to delete all selected shifts.
    Caution: Deleted shifts are not recoverable and all history of these shifts is also deleted.

Video: How to Mass Edit and Delete Enterprise Schedule Shifts

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