The ScheduleSource TeamWork mobile app is designed for easy use by employees.  

In the app, employees can:  


  • View their schedule (day, week and month) 
  • View full shift schedules*  
  • View and use the swapboard to post and claim shifts* 
  • View colleagues contact info*
  • View and request leave
  • Receive notifications about schedule changes, or when a shift is claimed on the swapboard*
  • Update their profile and contact information* 
        *Permissions for this action are set by the employer  

To use the ScheduleSource TeamWork app follow the directions below.  

To sign in: 

If you entered the TeamWork key, code and employee log-in info when you downloaded the app, it will already be saved in your device, skip to  "To navigate the mobile app" below.    

Download the TeamWork App from your app storeDetailed instructions are here (abbreviated directions are as follows)

After launching the app you must enter a one-time key. The KEY can be found on your TeamWork website (under Sign In / Mobile App / Learn More). 

Enter this key and code. Enter your employee log-in and password. 

    Note: The TeamWork code, username and password are the same as you use when you log into the website. 


To navigate the mobile app: 

The App will open to your schedule. The 3 horizontal bars (sometimes referred to as the hamburger) in the upper left-hand corner open the menu that allows you to navigate through the App. The menu options are below. 

To update your personal info and change password: 

Select your name to access your profile and contact info, which you can update. Use the app to change your password, as needed.  

Note: Changing your password in the app will change your password on the website too.  

To view your schedule: 

You can view your schedule by day, week, or month. To change the view of your schedule between day, week, or month use the drop-down menu that allows you to choose. To change the date range for the schedule, use the arrows to the right of the calendar icon or click the date or calendar icon to choose a specific date. 

To view a summary of the swapboard: 

Select the swapboard from the menu options or from the bottom of your smartphone when viewing your schedule (as seen above). The swapboard viewing options function similarly to the schedule viewing options. The exception is when you click the date or calendar icon, and a calendar screen shows the counts of available shifts, and your shifts. Below is a view of this swapboard image.  

To swap or claim shifts: 

Select the swapboard from the menu options or from the bottom of your smartphone when viewing your scheduleThe swapboard allows you to check your availability, to claim posted or empty shifts, and to split an empty shift into a smaller shift so you can claim itThe swapboard viewing options function similarly to the schedule viewing options. Below is a view of the swapboard, what it may look like when you get to claim a shiftwhen you cannot claim a shift and when you must split a shift, to alloclaiming the shift.  

To view your hours: 

Select Totals to view your total hours and shifts per week and location.  

To view the complete schedule: 

Select Full Schedule to see the full schedule for all employees, including the name, stations, date, and hours. The viewing options functions are the same as on the schedule pageTo see more information about an employeeshift, use the arrow to the right of the shift info. 

To view your coworkers’ contact information: 

Select Coworkers to see colleagues contact information. If assigned to more than 1 location, you can switch between employees at different locations using the down arrow opposite the selected location.   

To request leave: 

Select Leave to show your current leave requests and the status of those request. Selecting the plus sign at the top right of the screen allows you to enter a new leave request.  

Note: Types of leave will vary by company.

To allow push notifications: 

Select Push Notifications to enable notifications about leave requests and swap board updates. Note: Push notifications sent when you are not actively using the mobile app. 

To logout of the app 

Select Logout and you can log out of the app 

We hope you find thmobile app user friendly and a welcome addition to the ScheduleSource tools. Have questions or feedback on the appmail us at