How Does This Functionality Help You? 

  • Employees can have access to see their schedule 24/7 from any computer or mobile data device.
  • Employees can also use the other privileges allowed by their organization.


Employees Section: Employee Portal Access

  • What employees can see and do in the Employee portal is controlled separately for each location. 
  • Set up the employee access privileges prior to giving employees their Sign In codes. See Organization Section: Setting Employee Access Options 
  • Employees sign in using the Employee Portal Sign In.

Setting up Employee Username/ID & Password Codes

By individual employee:

  1. Open the Employees section.
  2. Select the employee name.
  3. Go to Settings > Personal tab.
  4. Assign Username/ID: must be unique. The employee is not able to change their username. 
  5. Assign Password by selecting [Change]: not required to be unique. The employee is always able to reset their own password.
  6. Select Save.

Video: How to Add a New Employee

Informing Employee About Employee Portal Access
  • Employees need to know the URL and to use the Employee portal.
  • Employees need all 3 codes in order to Sign In:
    - Code- is the Sign In code for one of the locations they are assigned to. (This is the same code as the scheduler uses to Sign In to the Location Portal.)
    Username/ID – as entered on each individual personal information screen.
    - Password- as assigned by organization for initial Sign In. 
  • Employees should be informed about browsers settings.
  • Employees should be told to reset their password after logon and the recommended criteria for password strength.
  • If your organization is using settings to enforce ‘Password Management’ at the Enterprise portal, the requirements being enforced should be shared with employees.
  • Employees will see their entire schedule for all assigned locations, including the location and station for each assigned shift, on one page.
  • Employees need to set their own notification options in the Collaboration section of the Employee portal.

Video: How to Login to Your Account 

The follow is a checklist to use for employees who cannot Sign In.
  • Are they at the correct URL and using the Employee portal? 
  • Do they have the correct three codes? (Try resetting their password) 
  • Is their start date in the future? (Employees cannot have access until this date) 
  • Are they in the ‘active’ employee list in the Location portal? 
  • Are they using a recommended browser, enabled with JavaScript and cookies? 
  • Is the IP address for the computer they are using locked due to too many failed attempts? If so, the Enterprise portal administrator has to unlock it.