How Does This Functionality Help You? 

  • Employees can have access to see their schedule 24/7 from any computer or mobile data device.
  • Employees can also use the other privileges allowed by their organization.


Employees Section: Employee Portal Access

  • What employees can see and do in the Employee portal is controlled separately for each location.
  • Set up the employee access privileges prior to giving employees their Sign In codes. See Admin Section: Setting Employee Access Options
  • Employees sign in using the Employee Portal Sign In.

Setting up Employee Username/ID & Password Codes

By individual employee:

  1. Open the Employees section.
  2. Select the employee name in the left menu.
  3. Open the Edit > Personal tab.
  4. Assign Username/ID: must be unique. The employee is not able to change their username. Entry is required on this tab.
  5. Assign Password by selecting [Change]: not required to be unique. The employee is always able to reset their own password.
  6. Select Save.
Option for mass assignment of same initial password for all employees:

  1. Open the Employees Section
  2. Open the Tools folder in the left menu.
  3. Select Mass Update.
  4. Choose “Select All’ button. This selects the check boxes in the Update column box for all employees.
  5. Select ‘password’ from the Field drop-down list in the text box.
  6. Enter the temporary password of your choice in the text box after the = sign.
  7. Select Update.
    This populates the Password field on every employee info page with the same temporary password. You won’t be able to see it because passwords are never listed. 

Informing Employee About Employee Portal Access
  • Employees need to know the URL and to use the Employee portal.
  • Employees need all 3 codes in order to Sign In:
    Code- is the Sign In code for one of the locations they are assigned to. (This is the same code as the scheduler uses to Sign In to the Location Portal.)
    Username/ID – as entered on each individual personal information screen. 
    - Password- as assigned by organization for initial Sign In. 
  • Employees should be informed about browsers settings.
  • Employees should be told to reset their password after logon and the recommended criteria for password strength.
  • If your organization is using settings to enfore ‘Password Management’ at the Enterprise portal, the requirements being enforced should be shared with employees.
  • Employees will see their entire schedule for all assigned locations, including the location and station for each assigned shift, on one page.
  • Employees need to set their own notification options in the Collaboration section of the Employee portal.

The follow is a checklist to use for employees who cannot Sign In.
  •  Are they at the correct URL and using the Employee portal?
  • Do they have the correct three codes? (Try resetting their password)
  • Is their start date in the future? (Employees cannot have access until this date)
  • Are they in the ‘active’ employee list in the Location portal?
  • Are they using a recommended browser, enabled with JavaScript and cookies?
  • Is the IP address for the computer they are using locked due to too many failed attempts? If so, the Enterprise portal administrator has to unlock it.