Sign In

  1. Get the location of your URL page from your Enterprise Administrator.
    - Bookmark this page under your Favorites for quick access.
  2. Select the portal you want to log in to: Enterprise portal or Location portal.

    - The Sign In window displays for the portal you selected.


  1. Check to be sure you are using a Recommended Browser.
    - These are listed on the logon page:
    - Recommended Browsers are free and can be downloaded from the Internet or are already built in to mobile devices.
  2. Check to see that your browser is set to support JavaScript and to allow cookies from this site.
    - These settings are found in Internet Options under the Tools link at the top of the browser.
    - If you experience problems with your browser, contact your IT help desk.

Sign In Codes

  1. Sign In codes are assigned to you by your Enterprise Administrator.
    Code: ___________________
    User: ___________________
    Password: _______________
    - You should change your password after you sign in.
    - Your organization controls the account code and user name.

  2. Enter all three Sign In codes correctly.
    - Spacing, characters, and numbers are enforced.
    - Capital or lower case is not enforced.  

    - Select the check box for Remember Me only if you want the computer you are using to remember your account code and user name. You will still need to type in your password to sign in.

  3. Select the Sign In button to enter the application.

Forgot Your Password?

Security Lock Out

  • Too many failed attempts to log on with incorrect information will result in a LOCK OUT. When this security measure takes effect, it will lock the IP address of the computer you are using. 
  • Therefore you should STOP trying to log on if you fail 10 times. 
  • If a computer's IP address is locked, no one can Sign In from this computer until your Enterprise Administrator unlocks the IP address. The following security notice displays.

    Important: If you get the above notice, contact your Enterprise Administrator immediately!