As you establish your organizational information, you focus on entering the data required for each portal. While you must enter some data in the Enterprise portal and some data in the Location portal, you can enter other information in either portal. In addition, if your organization chooses to use optional features, you enter that data in the Enterprise portal.

Enterprise Portal Data Entry Requirements

You must enter the following information in the Enterprise portal.

  1. Locations – Individual accounts
    - Assign an account code, which will be used to Sign In to both Location portal and Employee portal. 
  2. Roles – Types of access privileges
    - Enterprise Roles – privileges when Sign In to the Enterprise 
    - Location Roles – privileges when Sign In to the Locations
  3. Users – People you allow access to the Enterprise or Location Portals
    - Assign a username and password (this will be the same for both portals to allow them to Sign In)
    - Deploy them to locations they are to have access to
    - Assign them roles
  4. Employees – People who will be scheduled in shifts to work.
    - Assign to locations where they can be used for scheduling
  5. Stations – Places you want to create shifts in for employees to work.
    Deploy to locations where they can be used
    - Uncheck box to not allow Swap privileges - Default is allow
  6. Time Module (requires enabling Time & Attendance additional module) – Establish projects and tasks
    - Porjects and tasks must be created with codes in the Enterprise portal
    - Projects and tasks must be deployed to locations where they are to be used
  7. Time Module (requires enabling Time & Attendance additional module) – Establish pay periods
    - Pay periods m
    ust be created in the Enterprise portal and are automatically deployed to locations
    - Must approve and lock pay periods in the Enterprise portal
    - Can download pay periods to external systems from the 
    Enterprise portal only
The following are optional features. If your organization uses them, you must enter data in the Enterprise portal.
  1. Employees
    - Assign them to Stations, with a master skill level
    - Required Entry if Admin>System>Enterprise setting for ‘Enterprise Skills’ is enabled. Locations cannot assign a local skill until a Master skill has been given.
  2. Folders (Organization Section) – Used For Enterprise Portal Sign In only
    - Used to restrict data viewed within the Location and Employee sections
    - Must assign – Each Location can be assigned to only one folder 
    - May assign – Employees can be assigned to multiple folders
  3. Custom fields – Admin Link
    - You can configure custom fields for the following sections: Enterprise, Location, User, Station, Employee, or Client
    - Custom field information is visible, and sometimes editable, at the Location level
  4. Admin Lists
    - Special Day Types
    - Leave Types/ Time Accrual Types/ Accounting ID’s
    - Shift Swap Reasons/ Shift Reassign Reasons/ Shift Cancel Reasons
  5. Templates
    - Enterprise created templates can be deployed to locations for use, without allowing location users to edit the template.
  6. Time Module (requires enabling Time & Attendance additional module) – Pay Rates
    - Allows you to establish pay rates for Employees, Projects, Tasks, and Activities

Data Entry at Either the Enterprise Portal or Location Portal

You can choose to enter the following data in either the Enterprise portal or the Location portal. Choices for privileges are made in the Enterprise portal in Admin/Enterprise/System under Enterprise or in User Roles assigned. Data entered in one portal populates in both portals.
  1. Employees
    - Employee information and contact
    - Max consecutive days limit
    - Assign Stations and Skills
    - Schedule Setting limits
    - Time & Attendance tab data (if Time & Attendance additional module is enabled) 
  2. Stations
    - Assign employee local skills
    - Description
    - Priority Rankings 
  3. Location
    - Address and info
    - Time zone setting 
  4. Special Days - If added in the Location portal, these special days are only available for use only at that location. 
  5. Time (if Time & Attendance additional module is enabled)
    - Management of employee timesheet data
    - Approval/Lock of Location Pay Period

Location Portal Data Entry Requirements


You must enter the following information in the Location portal where it is used.

  1. Employee Info
    - Optional – Crew, Rotation Assignment, and Pay Rate per hour (not visible in the Enterprise portal)
    - Availability – Global populates every location where employee is assigned. Local, Date Based, and Alternate Availability affect only the location where entered. 
  2. Days Off
    - Entry and Management in the Location
    - Availability: Local, Date-Based, Alternate Availability 
  3. Labor Pools – Option for Auto-fill by priorities
  4. Crews and Shift Groups – Options for viewing data
  5. Local Templates – For use in a specific location
  6. Schedules – Weekly schedule in a specific location.