This is the first Enterprise portal setup training checklist. The following are the initial setup items to complete:

  • Get familiar with Teamwork functionality!
    - Use Help Documents, user guides, and tutorials.
    - See Administration Decisions.
    - Review all Release Notes – Lists new functionality added. 
  • Add Locations:
    - Sign-in code is what will be used to Sign In to the Location portal by all users.
    - Location must be Deployed and Status must be Active to be able to Sign In to the location.
    - Go to the Location tab: Set the 1st day of the week for the schedule settings for each location.
    - Go to the Time tab: Setup & Rules must be entered in the Enterprise portal.
    - Employee tab and Schedule tab information can be entered in the Enterprise portal or the Location portal.

 Video: How to Add a New Location 

  • Add Employees:
    - Must add employee name in the Enterprise portal. Other employee info can be added in the Location portal.
    Must assign employees to locations.
    - Assigning employees to stations and skills can be done at either the Enterprise portal or the Location portal.
    - No charge for inactive employees. You cannot delete an employee if they have any time data, but you can make them inactive. 

Video: How to Add a New Employee

  • Add Stations:
    - Must add Station name in the Enterprise portal. Allow swapping at station in Enterprise portal.
    - Must assign Station to locations in Enterprise portal. 

Video: How to Add a New Station

  • Add Users:
    - Add Users for Enterprise portal, Location portal, or both. Assign Users to locations.
    - Change your own User password or other User passwords in Edit User window. 

Video: How to Add and View Organization Users

  • Add Roles:
    - A full admin role has been created for both Enterprise and Location – at least 1 user must have this role in each portal.
    - Create additional Roles - You can create an unlimited number of roles - be specific to restrict user privileges. Delete should be reserved for Top Administrator.
    Important: If you use Select to automatically select all check boxes, remember to clear the check box under Location > Employee for View Only Default Employees unless you want to include that role. It restricts the view access and limits the employee list at the location so that only employees with that location as the default are listed.
    - Assign correct roles to each user.

Video: How to Add Organization Roles

  • Test Logon access:
    - To the Enterprise portal with your new password.
    - To all locations with your new account codes and your new password.

Video: How to Sign In to Your Account

  • Time – If your organization enables the additional module for Time & Attendance:
    - Think about the project and tasks structure for your organization.  
    - Discuss with the payroll department and match payroll codes.

Playlist: Time in TeamWork 5 for Managers