Enterprise Portal Entry Only

Important: The following data MUST be entered in the Enterprise portal. It cannot be entered in the Location portal.

Required Data: Enterprise Portal Entry

  • Locations – Set up individual accounts.
  • Users – People you allow access to the Enterprise or Location Portals.
  • Roles – Types of access privileges assigned to Users.
  • Employees – People who will be assigned to locations to use in scheduling.
  • Stations – Places which are deployed to locations for work shifts to be created in.
  • Time & Attendance Module – Pay Periods, Projects and Tasks deployed to locations for use.

Optional Features: If used in your organization, data must be entered in the Enterprise portal

  •  Custom fields
    - Custom fields for the following sections are available: Enterprise, Location, User, Station, Employee, or Client
    - Custom field information is visible, and sometimes editable, in the Location portal
  • Lists
    - Special Day Types
    - Leave Types/ Time Accrual Types/ Accounting ID’s
    - Shift Swap Reasons/ Shift Reassign Reasons/ Shift Cancel Reasons 
  • Time Module – Pay Rates
    - Pay rates for Employee, Project, Task, and Activities. May be visible to location.

Enterprise Portal or Location Portal Entry Choice

The Enterprise Administrator chooses if data below is entered at the Enterprise or the Location level.

  • Data entered in one portal populates the same fields in the other portal.
  • Role privileges are assigned to each individual user. These role privileges determine which sections below a user can edit.
  • Employee information and contact
  • Max consecutive days limit
  • Assign Stations and Skills
  • Schedule Setting limits
  • Time & Attendance tab data


  • Assign employee local skills
  • Description
  • Priority Rankings


  • Address and info
  • Time zone setting

Special Days

  • If added in the Location portal, they are available for use only at that location
  • If added in the Enterprise portal, they are available for use at all locations.


  • Management of employee timesheet data
  • Approval/Lock of Location Pay Period

Location Portal Entry ONLY

Important: This data MUST be entered at the Location level, where it is used.

Employee Information

  • Optional assignments to Crews and Labor Pools.
  • Availability – Global Availability populates every location where the employee is assigned. Local, Date Based, and Alternate Availability affect only the location where it is entered and overrides the Global Availability settings. Rotations affect only the single location and override all other availability types entered.
  • Leave management.

Labor Pools

  • Allows to Auto-fill schedule with priority groups first.

Crews and Shift Groups

  • Adds filters for viewing section data.


  • For use in specific location to build schedules.


  • Build, edit, and manage weekly schedule for the specific location.