This quick reference shows the steps to navigate to, and bid on lines in the Employee Portal.  A summary of the bidding pages is provided at the bottom of this reference.

After signing into the employee portal, please follow these steps to bid on Lines:

1.  Navigate to the Bids section

The top menu (when on Home or Calendar) has a link for "Bids".  If you are in another sections, then the main menu, found under "TeamWork" has a link for "Bids".  Click the "Bids" link to open the bidding section.

Top menu:

Main menu:

2. Select/open a bid by clicking the bid's name

The opening page of the "Bids" section will list all Shift and Leave bids which you are participating in.  In the "Shift Bid" list, click the name of the bid.

3.  View the list of Lines by opening the "Search" page.  Click "Search" in the bidding menu.

4.  Click the the "Add" button (far right column) to bid on a line.  The pop-up will default the choice number to the "next" one on your bid sheet.  Click "Save" in the pop-up to create the bid.

First bid:

Second bid:

5.  To edit or delete a bid, click the bid button in the "My Bids" column.

6.  To view your "Bid Sheet", click "Bid Sheet" in the bidding menu.  This page also has links to edit or delete bids.

Summary of pages in the Shift Bidding section:

Home - shows the status of the employee, their rank, and the overall status of the bid.  View only.

Messages - shows any bid related messages posted by the manager.  View only.

Search - allows viewing, bidding, and editing bids.  Optionally allows viewing other employee's bids.

Bid Sheet - a list of the employee's bids in choice/rank order.  Allows edit and delete of bids.

History - shows edits to the employee's bids.  View only.