Left Menu Bar: Lists Folder

Go to Location > Specific Location > Lists and select Special Days.

Special Days

Used to identify any day that the company determines is different than a normal work day. For example:

  • A Holiday where business is closed.
  • A Holiday where a schedule is allowed.
  • A day or days where a different or unique schedule is allowed.
  • A day or days where Leave Requests are not allowed.

Enterprise Portal Special Days
Special Days added in the Enterprise portal are available for use in the Location portal. They appear in the location Special Days List. 
  • Grayed out days are prior to the current date.
  • Locations cannot delete special days created in the Enterprise portal.
  • If there is a Leave Blackout, these days are enforced in every location.

Location Portal Special Days

Each location can also add special days specific to only their location.

To add Special Days in the Location portal:

  1. Go to Location > Lists > Special Days window. 
  2. Select a special day from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a start date.
  4. Enter an end date.
  5. Decide if this is a leave blackout date or not.
  6. Choose Save.
  7. Note: Leave Types are controlled in the Enterprise portal and are not visible in the Location portal. Contact your Enterprise Administrator to see which Leave Types are designated to enforce blackout days. Remember, the list of Leave Types displays in the Add Leave request form in the Employee portal.
    --- If an employee requests leave and BOTH the Leave Type and day of the leave request are subject to blackout, the following displays

    The window refreshes and automatically adds the Special Day to the summary chart.

    Note: You can delete Special Days added in the Location portal only if it was added in the location portal

    If the Enterprise DOES NOT USE Leave Types, the Location portal controls whether or not employees are allowed to request leave on a Special Day. Simply select the Leave Blackout check box to restrict employee leave requests.

    Enterprise portal uses Leave Types and designated the following Leave Types:

    Location portal entered this Special Day, and designated it as a Leave Blackout:

    - The employee is not allowed to request a vacation day on July 4th.
    - The employee is allowed to request a leave for FLMA on July 4th.

Video: How to View Your Location's Special Days