Left Menu Bar: Lists Folder
Go to Location > Specific Location > Lists and select Crews.

Note: A crew list is location-specific. It exists only in the location it is created in, and is not visible in the Enterprise portal.


Used to create new filters that allow you to view parts of your schedule. Setting up crews allows you to create subgroups of your employees. Examples: Full time vs. Part time or Manager vs. Staff.  Crews are not used in the scheduling process to build schedules, but can be used in the Options tab in many sections to filter information.
Important: Employees can only be assigned to one crew.

To create a crew and assign employees:

  1. Go to Location > Specific Location > Lists > Crews in the left menu bar. 
  2. On the right pane, name the New Crew and click Save.
  3. To assign employees to a crew, select the crew name.
  4. Select the employees you want to assign in the right panel.
  5. Choose Add.

Video: How to Setup Location Crews

To use crews in Options:
  1. Open your schedule and list the shifts.
  2. Open the Options Tab: New filters appear for Crews that you have set up. Select what you want to filter by and select Apply.
    Notice that the right pane lists the filter applied at the top. You see only the part of your schedule that includes the shifts for this crew. 

To view crews in Reports:

  1. Go to Reports > List.
  2. Select the fixed report for Crews.
    A list of Crews for your location displays.
    Note: You can design reports to view the employees that have been assigned to your Crews.