Left Menu Bar: Location Folder

Go to Admin > Location and select Unique ID.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • A public URL enables viewing html or syncing schedule data via iCal format without logging into the application. 
  • A public URL can be allowed for locations and/or employees to use. 

This Feature Must First Be Enabled at the Enterprise Level

  • Then locations and employees have the ability to create a unique id for use in public URL’s. 
  • Contact your Enterprise Administrator if you do not see the links below. 

To create a Public URL for a Location:

  1. Each location must create a unique GUID.
  2. Users must be assigned a role privilege to access the Admin Section in the Location account.
  3. Open the Admin Section:
    Click on the Unique ID Link, in left menu.
    Click New to generate the location GUID. 

    Click OK on the confirmation pop-up.

    This generates the links for both HTML and iCal format.

  4. Paste the generated URL into a browser to view all published schedules for the location.
  5. Test this location's public page: http://www.schedulesource.net/Enterprise/Public/LocationSched...

  6. For the Link to iCal formatted data, copy and paste to other applications.

To create a Public URL in the Employee portal:
Note: Employee must use an employee portal that has top menu access links. A tab for Public Pages displays in Profile information.

  1. Go to Profile > Public Pages.
  2. Employee can now create their own GUID and URL for personal use.
  3. Employee can use the iCal format to copy and paste to other applications.