How does this functionality help you?

  • A public URL enables viewing html or syncing schedule data via iCal format without logging into the application. 
  • A public URL can be allowed for locations and/or employees to use.

Enable the capability for a Public URL

This feature must first be enabled at the Enterprise level. Then locations and employees have the ability to create a unique id for use in public URL’s. 
  1. Open the Organization.
  2. Go to the Configuration Enterprise Tab
  3. Enable the feature by changing the default No to Yes for locations and/or employees
  4. Click Save.

Video: How to View and Edit Organization Enterprise Configuration Settings

Result in Location Portal

  1. Users must be assigned a role privilege to access the Admin Section in the location. 
  2. In the Location Admin Section:
    Click on the Unique ID Link, in left menu.
    Click New to generate the location GUID.

    - Click okay on the confirmation pop-up.

  3. This generates the links for both HTML and iCal format.

  4. When the generated URL is pasted into a browser, the result is a static view of all published schedules for the location.
    Test this location's public page:

Result in Employee Portal
  1. Log on through the employee portal.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Go to Public Pages.
  4. Employee can now create an unique ID, public page link, and link for iCal formatted data.

Video: How to View Your Current Schedule Without Logging In