TeamWork New Features

Helpdesk - Submitting Support Tickets

  • We are happy to announce that we're migrating to a new help desk system. We expect this upgrade to enable faster response times, and better self-service access to our help materials.
    - If customers create an account within the help desk, they can access non-public materials and review ticket status for all open tickets.
    - New FAQs are published based on Frequently Asked Questions by customers.
  • Our new Helpdesk and ticketing system is accessible three ways:
    - Online at
    - Via email by sending a question to
    - From the top menu bar of the application. Click on the help link on the right.

Empty Shift Split Option

  • Employees can be allowed to split an Empty Shift that is on the swapboard.  
  • The new shift must pass all of the swapboard checks and can be immediately claimed by the employee if eligible to claim.
  • The unclaimed portion of the shift remains on the swapboard and can be claimed by another employee.
  • Controlled in the Location portal for each location in the Admin section.

Enterprise Portal

The following settings support the Empty Shift Split option.

Admin Section:

  • Go to Admin > Enterprise > System and ensure Show Open Shifts on Swap Board is set to ALL.
  • This allow empty shifts to go to the Swapboard in all locations.
Roles Section:

  • Go to Roles > Location > and select the location user role. Go to Schedule and ensure the check box for View Swapboard is selected.
  • This allows a user to see and enable the Empty Shift Split option.

Location Portal

The Empty Shift Split option is controlled by each Location in the Admin/Swap Board Rules settings.

Admin Section:

  • Go to Admin > Privileges > Swap Board Rules and ensure the check box is selected for 'Allow Empty Shift Split'.
    - Location Enables and sets Minimum Shift Length – the minimum minutes that a shift can be after it is split. (Employee drop-down list options are in 30 minute increments).
    - This does not affect the Location Portal ‘Post to Swapboard’ functionality.
    - If a Schedule is posting an assigned shift to the swapboard for an employee, they will still use the Split tab to split the shift first which will create two new shifts on the schedule.
    - The ‘Post to Swapboard’ is then used on the one shift they want to post.

Employee Portal

To Split Empty Shifts:

  • If Location enables, an employee sees a Split/Claim button on the Claim Shift window.
  • Employee chooses time to split shift – drop-down options are in 30 minute increments.
  • The Location setting for a minimum shift length is enforced.
  • Employee chooses which of the two shifts to try to claim.
  • All swapboard rules are enforced the same as they are on all swaps.

Self Training Guides

Click the link below to download the self training guide.