How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Rotations are a type of availability for setting up a repeating pattern of work.

Employees Section: Tools > Rotations

The Tools folder contains the link to setup and manage rotations.

To Set Up a Rotation:

  1. Select Setup Rotations in the Tools drop-down menu. 
  2. Select the Add. Name the rotation and enter a start date. Select Save.
    Note: The start date is the first day the pattern takes effect and overrides any other availability that has been entered for the employee. 
  3. Select the name of the rotation, which is a blue link. This brings up the Edit Rotation screen where you can define the pattern of work and assign employees.
  4. Select Add under the Pattern section of the form. 
  5. Enter the pattern in order. 
  6. Limit to: enter the employee available times to work on those days. Leave blank for 24 x 7 availability.

    As you enter the pattern, it is displayed on the month calendar as a visual check.
    The pattern is displayed on all days for all months both forward and backward, but will take effect for assigned employees on the ‘Start Day’ entered.

To Edit or Delete a Rotation:
  1. Delete the pattern entry line by selecting the red X on that line. Note that the other lines keep their order number when created, allowing you to reinsert a change for the order you just deleted. 
  2. Select Add and in the Order field box put in the order # that you are replacing. 
  3. To delete the entire rotation use the Delete link at the top beside the Save button. 

To Assign Employees:
  1. Highlight the employees you want to assign in the Available box.
  2. Select the right arrow to move them into the Assigned box.
  3. The rotation availability replaces all other availability until you un-assign an employee or delete the rotation.
  4. To un-assign an employee, reverse the process using the left arrow.
  5. Use the link Back to return to the rotation summary page.

Video: How to Add, Edit, and Delete Employee Rotations

 To Check Employee Availability in Use: 
  1. Open the Employee Sections. Select the employee name.
  2. Open the Availability tab. Look at the calendar which shows the rotation availability is over riding the local availability.