How Does This Functionality Help You? 

  • Mass Update enables you to update a field for multiple employees at once.
  • Summary views enable you to see all employees on one screen.

Employees Section: Summary Tools
The Tools folder contains summary views and mass update features for all employees.

Mass Update

Use this tool to see all employees on one screen and update a field for multiple employees at once. You can also use this window to sort your employee information by column.

  1. Select Mass Update in the Tools folder. 
  2. Status and Username are displayed for viewing only.

  3. Choose the field you want to update. Field update options are:

  4. Select the check boxes for the employees that are being updated.
    - Select the check box in the top bar to select all employees
    - Unchecking that box clears all boxes checked

  5. Select Update.

Video: How to Mass Update Employee Scheduling Parameters

View Availability
  • Choose your week or day by using the scroll arrows or type in the date (mm/dd/yyyy). 
  • Inactive employees are shown unless you filter to active status only or group by status to identify inactive. 
  • Click on the employee name to go directly to the employee available page for editing. 
  • Week view – Each cell in the grid lists the availability and source that is being used.

    Colors indicate hours available:
    --- *Green = 24/7
    --- Yellow = Hours are listed
     --- Red = OFF or  

  • Day view – Shows availability with bar chart and total hours.

  • Heads view - Shows the number of heads in 30 minute intervals. One day view.

Video: How to View All Your Employees' Availability

View Individual Availability Calendar summary
    • On the individual Employee, Availability Tab the monthly calendar displays the availability being enforced for each day.

    Key examples:
    - Block times in black show Global (or Local) entries with the preferred work times in blue.
    Shaded in brown is date-based availability.  
    Shaded in light yellow is alternate availability.  
    OFF days are in green.
    The current day is the bright yellow cell. 

Update Availability

Use this tool to select employees and change their rank, available times, preferred times, global and local profiles, and date-based profile.

  1. Select Update Availability.

  2. To update many employees' availability, select the check box by the employee name(s) in the Update column or use Select All or Reset.

  3. To enter new availability profile times, complete the New availability profile fields. Select whether the employee is ON or OF, the rank date 1 = low 9 = high, and type the available times and preferred times.

  4. Select one of the following.
    Add/Replace GLOBAL
    Add/Replace LOCAL

  5. Select Update.

  6. To delete many employees' availability profiles, select the check box by the employee name(s) in the Update column or use Select All or Reset.

  7. Select DELETE GLOBAL Profile or DELETE LOCAL Profile and select Update.

  8. To enter, replace, or delete a DATE-BASED Profile, select the Action using the drop-down list.

  9. Enter the employee Name and the Date Range.

  10. Select Update.
    Important: You can also reset all employees' availability to Off by selecting Add/Replace Global Profile. This forces employees to enter their new availability before they can be scheduled to work. For example, when part-time students at a university receive a new semester class schedule, it may be helpful to have them enter new availability based on that schedule.

Manage Leave

For information on using Mange Leave, see Employees Section: Manage Leave.

Setup Rotations
For information on setting up rotations, see Employees Section: Setup Rotations.