How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Templates allow you to create sets of shifts that need to be filled with employees on a weekly basis.
  • Using templates allows you to quickly build a schedule using one or more templates.

Templates Section: Add Template

Creating Templates

  1. Select Add Template.
    - Group field: Creates a folder to organize your templates by groups.
    Name: Enter the template name and select Save.
  2. Select Shifts
  3. Select Add Shifts in the top menu bar.
  4. On the Add Shift window, enter the number of shifts you want for one specific time period. Enter shift times. Choose Station. ShiftGroup and Note are optional. Select Save.
  5. The page refreshes and the shifts you created automatically display.
  6. Repeat this process for each different shift time you need to enter.

Video: How to Add a New Template

Video: How to Add, Edit, and Delete Shifts in Templates

Using Empty and Fixed Shifts in a Template
  1. Use empty shifts in a template when you want to fill the shifts after a schedule has been built. This allows you to use use Auto Fill in the Schedules section.
  2. Use fixed shifts when employees are assigned to a specific shift in the template. When the template is used to build a schedule, the employee is filled in the schedule in that shift.
  3. If a fixed employee in a template is granted a day off, when the schedule is built for that week, the employee is removed from that shift and the shift is empty. See Employees Section: Manage Leave.
  4. To make changes to a Template Shift, see Editing Template Shifts.

Viewing Shifts
List and Grid options for viewing the set of shifts is under the Shifts tab in the top menu. The data filters under the Options tab can be applied to any of the three views below. 
  • List: Displays shifts in a list. Use the Display settings under the Options tab in the left menu to sort and group the shift list the way you want. 
  • Week: Displays shifts in a grid by day.
  • Day: Displays shifts in a grid with bar graph by hour. Each day is under a separate tab. 

Video: How to View Weekly Template Information