How Does This Functionality Help You?
  • Shows hours, cost, and shifts for each template.

 Templates Section: Totals

Totals Tab

  1. Select a template to open it. 
  2. Select the Totals tab on the top menu bar.

    Each of the Totals tab selections is explained as follows.

Hours Tab

Summary of total hours by station by day.

Cost Tab
Calculates daily cost.

  • Cost of the employee is used if an employee is fixed in the template shift and the employee has been given a pay rate.
  • Cost of the station is used if the shift is empty or a fixed employee has no pay rate entered.
    Note: Cost is $0 if no pay rate is entered for station or employee.

Shifts Tab

Displays total number of shifts by station by day.

Video: How to View Your Template Shift Totals