How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Compliance checks alert you to areas where your scheduled shifts have exceeded the scheduling parameters input for your employees.
  • Compliance includes checks against hours, shifts, and availability.
  • Compliance is a double check that when a shift was manually filled and a conflict was overridden, that this was the intended outcome by the scheduler.

Schedules Section: Compliance

What is the pink in my schedule?

  1. An employee’s name is highlighted in pink when they are out-of-compliance with one or more scheduling parameters that have been entered in the application.

  2. To see the specific compliance information, open the compliance tab.

Compliance Tab

  1. Select the schedule name to open the schedule.
  2. Select the Compliance tab to display the Compliance Checks window.
    A green button indicates all is okay.
    A red button indicates an employee is out of compliance, and the employee(s) are listed under the identified area.

  3. Select the employee name, which is a blue link. This automatically filters to and lists the scheduled shifts for that employee. 
  4. In the example above, this is Ann’s shifts. Note that Ann is listed under the "Within Weekly Maximum Hours?” and is scheduled for 21 hours.

  5. To check what max limit Ann had set, go to the Employees section. You can look at Ann ‘s limit settings in two ways:
    - Open Ann’s Employee Information and select the Scheduling tab (Max hours/week=20)

    - Open the Employees > Tools folder and select Mass Update (Max hours/week=20)

  6. Reset the options filter to [All] to view all shifts. Clicking on an employee name in the compliance checks automatically sets the filter to that employee in the Options Tab.

Minimum Hours Checks

  • Minimum Hours are included in the compliance checks, but are not honored in Auto Fill scheduling. They are listed as a check if you want to manually honor min hours.

  • If you don’t want minimum hours check alerts (or to see these employees highlighted in pink in your schedule) set the minimum hours for employees to zero.
  • Another way to track minimum hours is to create an employee custom field to enter the minimums. This can be viewed in the reports section and not be a compliance alert.