Enterprise Portal

Application Enhancements - Enterprise Portal

Local Schedules Section:
  • Filter added - A Shift Group filter for the Shift Browser was added.

Recruiting Section:
  • The filter that is set when a user exits is now retained and set when the user logs in again to the Recruiting section.
  • Availability - Added a new option to require application-specific availability.

New Features - Enterprise Portal

Roles Section:
  • Time Section - New Location Role to allow scheduler to clock employee on or not. This role was separated out from the ‘ability to edit clocking’. Now they are separate roles to assign. Default is set to off.
Employees Section:
  • Manage Leave filter added. Clicking on the numbers in the grid filters the list to that specific type of leave.

Location Portal

Application Enhancements - Location Portal

Schedules Section:
  • Mass Select: It is now possible to Mass Assign an employee to a schedule when the start date of the employee is after the start date of the schedule. The employee is assigned to the selected shifts that start on or after the employee start date.

New Features - Location Portal

Schedules Section:
  • Swap Board Access by Labor Pools - In the Schedule Settings access to the swap board can now be limited to specific labor pools. This selection has been added to the allow swapping drop down list.
  • Swap Board History link added - In the Tools section, users can see the claim history for shifts that have been posted and/or claimed from the swap board.
  • Tools/Replace Employee - Option added to allow an empty shift to be filled with an employee. This feature can now allow all the employee shifts to be replaced with ‘empty’.
Location Section:
  • Print a list of Crew or Labor Pools - A Print link pop-up form allows printing the list of members assigned.
Employees Section:
  • Manage Leave filter added - Clicking on the numbers in the grid filters the list to that specific type of leave.

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