How Does This Functionality Help You?

  1. There are 4 options for posting shifts to the swapboard.
    Empty Shifts – self selected by the employee.
    Regular Swap – employee posts shifts to be claimed by any other employee.
    Trade – employee posts shifts to trade for a different shift of same length.
    Directed swaps employee posts a shift directed to one specific employee to claim. 
  2. The location sets the rules to be enforced for employee to be able to claim all shifts.
    For the definitions of the rule settings, see Admin Section: Setting Employee Swap Board Rules.

Schedules Section: Swapboard

Setting the Swapboard Rules

Go to Organization > Enterprise and select Swap Board Rules.

Note: You must have enterprise level permissions to do this.

For the definitions of the rule settings, see Admin Section: Setting Employee Swap Board Rules.


These options are controlled in the Enterprise portal. Go to Organization > Enterprise and select the Enterprise tab. Once set in this window, they apply for all locations. However, they take effect only if swapboard use is enabled in the Location portal.

  • Empty Shifts – automatically posted to swapboard in all locations. 
  • Directed Swaps – adds option to all locations.

Video: How to View and Edit Organization Enterprise Configuration Settings

Location Controlled

These options are controlled in the Location portal and can be set differently by each location. Go to Admin >  Privileges and select Swap Board Rules. Check boxes for the following can be selected.

  • Allow Swapping/Claiming Shifts – must be enabled in order for employees to see the Swap Board Section in the Employee Portal. 
  • Regular Swap – claimed on a first-come basis by eligible employees. 
  • Trade – employees offer shift for a trade with a shift of equal number of hours. 
  • Empty Shift Split – employee splits empty shift to claim one of the smaller shifts. 

  See specific information about each below. 

Video:  How to Adjust Employee Privileges and SwapBoard Setting for a Location

About Empty Shifts

  • Empty shifts in a published schedule automatically post on the swapboard.
  • Employees see a ‘Check’ link to try to claim the shift.

About Empty Shift Split

  • Employee has the option to split an empty shift and try to claim one of the smaller shifts. (Like ‘Allow Split/Merge’ under Additional Settings allows them to split their assigned shift to place part of the shift on the swapboard). 
  • Location Enables and sets Minimum Shift Length – the minimum minutes that a shift can be after it is split. (Employee drop-down list time split options are in 30 minute increments).
  • Employee clicks the ‘Check’ link. They will see a Split/Claim button if they are able to claim the shift.
  • A Split Shift window gives the options to choose the time to split the shift. The drop-down list of time split options is in 30 minute increments, limited to the minimum minutes being enforced. 
  • The employee has a ‘Check’ button on each split shift, to try to claim one of them. 
  • The unclaimed portion of the shift remains on the swapboard.

About Regular Swaps

  • Employees post a shift that all other employees see and can try to claim. 
  • Shifts are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Other employees see this link on the swapboard:

About Directed Swaps

  • The Enterprise Admin Setting must enable ‘Directed Swap’ to make it available for location use.
  • Each location must enable ‘Allow Swapping/Claiming shifts’ in the swapboard rules.
  • Employees will have the additional option to post a shift on the swapboard that is directed to one specific employee to try to claim.
    - They will now have a drop down list of all employees in the location.
    They will still have the option to post as a regular swap for any employee to try to claim.
  • If the swap is directed, only the employee to whom the swap is directed will see the shift on their swapboard. Other employees will not see the shift on their swapboard. 
  • Directed swap is useful for employees that have made a verbal trade of shifts so that the shift can be posted without other employees being able to claim it.
  • If the Location also enables employees to view the Full schedule and All contact info, in
    - The employee can look at the full schedule, in the main menu bar, to see what employees are free during the time they want to swap so they know who is available to possibly take their shift.

    - Return to the Swap Shift window and open the Employees tab to view the list the phone numbers for eligible employees. This allows the employee wanting to swap the shift to easily call the person first before posting the directed swap.

  •  Open the ‘Swap’ tab to choose the person the swap is to be directed to.


About Trades

  • Employees have the additional option to post a shift that requires them getting a shift from another employee for the same number of hours.
  • If an employee posts a shift requesting a ‘Trade’ they will enter this information:
      1.A description of what they want in return.
    2.An offer deadline date.
    3.Choose who to post to: anyone or a directed swap if option has been enabled. 
  • The shift on their schedule will now show a [Trade…] link where they can check the shifts offered by other employees for them to try to claim. 
  • If the shift is posted as ‘Either a Swap or Trade’ or as a ‘Trade Only’, other employees see this link:

    -  If eligible to claim the shift on the ‘Either a Swap or Trade’ the employee will have the option to either just claim it or to offer one or more shifts to trade.
    - If eligible to claim the shift on a ‘Trade Only’, the employee will only have the option to offer one or more shifts to trade.
    - Employees will get a drop down list of their shifts that are eligible to be offered for a trade.
    --- The shift must be at a station that both employees are skilled.
    --- The shift must be the same number of hours. 

  • Employees will only be allowed to offer a shift for trade if they are eligible to claim the shift based on the swap rule settings.

  • Employees can offer multiple shifts they are willing to trade. They choose the priority of the shift they are posting from 9, high to 1, low so the original employee knows their preference.

  • Multiple employees can offer shifts.

  • The employee who posted the shift for trade chooses which shift they want from the list of shifts offered by other employees.

Setting the Swapboard Rules

  • The rules for employees to be able to claim shifts are set in the Location section.
  • The rules are enforced for all 4 types of swapboard use.
  • For definitions of the rule settings, see see Organization Section: Setting Employee Swap Board Rules
  • Employees still get the following notice for all shifts posted:

  • Employees shift on their schedule will show a [Reclaim] link instead of a [Swap] link. They can remove the shift from the swapboard if it hasn’t been claimed. 
  • If you require the employee to choose a Reason they are posting the shift to the swapboard, the reason is viewable only on the Location Portal Swapboard. It is not displayed on the Employee Portal Swapboard.
  • If approval is not being required, employees can claim a shift if they meet all the swapboard rules you have chosen to be enforced.
    - Your schedule will immediately update and show the shift assigned to the new employee.
    The history tab on the shift will show the assignment change was due to a claim from the swapboard. 
  • If approval is being required, the employee will see an option to ‘Request Shift’ instead of ‘Claim Now’. If they are eligible to claim the shift their swapboard will show a notice.

Viewing the Swapboard

  • Open the Schedule/Swapboard Section.
  • The default view is for the current day and future, for posted shifts.
  • You can change the view by entering the start/end dates you want and choosing a different option from the drop-down list. Click Load.
  • Note: History will show you a history of all swapboard completed actions within your date range. This can be pasted into Xcel if desired. 

Managing the Swapboard
  • If a shift is posted for a trade, the scheduler can view the offered trades.
  • The scheduler can [Cancel] any shift posted to the swapboard by an employee.
  • If Approval is being required, the [Approve] link will show allowing the Scheduler to approve the swap. If they Do Not want to approve the swap, they would [Cancel] the request.

Video: How to Offer, Remove, and Approve SwapBoard Shifts

Notifications of Swapboard Actions

  • If the Employee has set their notifications up, they will receive an email (instant alert) when the Scheduler takes action on the Swapboard.

  • Enterprise Portal Administrators can also set up notifications for employees in the Enterprise portal. 
  • Schedulers can set up their notifications to get emails about shifts posted.

Posting Shifts to the Swapboard for an Employee

Note: This is an additional role privilege that must be granted from the Enterprise portal.

  • A Scheduler can post a shift for an employee to the swapboard.

  • On the Schedule it will show with the notification the normal note.

  • However, the History tab will show it was posted by the Scheduler.