How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Archiving a schedule preserves the data for employees and stations.
  • If employees or stations are deleted, the schedule data is retained if the schedule has been archived. However, the data is deleted from any active schedule.
  • Audit trail data on the individual shifts is not saved when a schedule is archived. You do not have access to information about changes made to individual shifts.
  • You can view all information from archived schedules in the reports section. See Enterprise and Location Portal Reports.

Schedules Section: Archive

How to Archive a Schedule

There are 2 ways to archive a schedule:

  • From the Summary page of all active schedules.
  • From the Schedule Settings window of each individual schedule.

Active Schedule Section

Using the Summary Page to Archive

  1. Select the Active folder name in the left menu.

  2. This displays a summary list of all active schedules in the right pane.
    The default is that the Active tab is open.
  3. Select the End or Start column to sort the schedules by date.

  4. Select the blue Archive link in the Actions column.
  5. A pop-up window confirms whether or not to proceed.

  6. Select OK to Archive or Cancel to cancel.
    - The page refreshes and the schedule disappears from the active list.
    - Open the Archive tab to see the archived schedule in this list.
  7. To cancel, select Activate. The archived schedule returns to the Active summary list.

 Using the Schedule Settings Window to Archive

  1. Select the Schedule to open it.
  2. This opens the Schedule Settings window.
    - There is an Archive link next to the Save button.
      Remember: The user ability to see the Archive link is controlled by the organization in the Enterprise/Location Roles.
    - The Archive link only appears if the last day of the schedule is prior to the current date.
  3. Select [Archive].

    A pop-up window displays.

  4. Select OK to confirm the Archive.
  5. Select the Archived Folder to view the archived schedule.

Un-archive a Schedule

  • When you open an Archived schedule, you have the option to Reactivate or Delete it.
  • To Reactivate is to un-archive the schedule.
    Note: This will cause data to be lost in the following situations.

  • You can view the Schedule Date for the Shifts, Totals, and Coverage.
    - The data is fixed so links in the individual shifts are not active.
    - You can use reports to view specific shift information.

View Data Reports: Archived Schedule

  • You should not un-archive a schedule to view the data.
  • Use the Reports section to view specific information about one or more archived schedules.
  • There are fixed report options and the option to build your own report. 

Fixed Report Options

  1. Go to Reports > List. 
  2. Select the Fixed button.
    Under Scheduling, a list of Fixed reports displays.

  3. Select a fixed report. They show a variety of data.

  4. Choose dates and sort each report.

Build your Own Report

  1. Go to Reports > Designs.
  2. Enter the Name of the report.
  3. Select the Source: Schedule Archive.
  4. Select the Type of report.
  5. Select Save.
For detailed information on building your own report, see Enterprise and Location Portal Reports.