Employees cannot be deleted if any of the following conditions exist:

  • If they have any time entries in the system.

  • If they are in any shifts in an ‘active schedule’, even if the shifts are in the past.

  • If they have been not been made inactive.

Further, do you really want to delete the employee and loose all data and information on the employee?

  • All employee data is lost and is not-recoverable.

  • You can leave them inactive, retain their data, and not pay any fee for an inactive employee.

If you do want to Delete the Employee, take the following steps:

  1. Make the Employee Inactive in the Enterprise Portal/Employees/Status page.

    • Note that the Inactive Status page reminds you that it will clear this employee from all shifts in all locations that they are scheduled in from this date forward.

    • The employee will be inactivated at all locations.

  1. Archive any past schedules, in all locations where the employee has been previously scheduled.

    • In the Schedules section, Click on the Active folder to get the list of Active Schedules by date.

    • Click on the Archive link under Actions to archive.

    • DO NOT delete the Schedule as this will delete the data and destroy the history of the shifts. So even if ScheduleSource restores the schedule, the history will be lost.

  1. Delete the employee on the Employee/Status page.

  • If you do not see a ‘delete’ link, contact your Enterprise Administrator as you have not been given this role privilege.


Detailed instructions are at the TeamWork Learning Center

Enterprise Portal Help Cards/Managing the Enterprise/#3 Managing Employees


Location Portal Help Cards/Schedule Section/#10 Archive Schedules